Getting featured in top news media outlets such as USA Today isn’t easy. The best PR companies aim to get a mention, let alone a featured news piece on such websites. As a Digital PR agency that helps build personal brands via the right publicity, we can offer insights into getting featured on USA Today. 

3-Step Framework to Getting Featured on USA Today

1.      Embrace the New Form of Digital PR

It is important to foster the right relationships to thrive in the modern Digital PR world. This involves identifying the suitable sources for features on giant mainstream media outlets like USA Today and Tech Times Magazine. Instead of walking the trial-and-error path, a professional Digital PR agency can deliver an impactful feature in only a few weeks. Experienced agencies like Digital Nod have established strong relationships and built a robust network in the industry that allows you to enjoy assured media placements in high-authority publications.

2.      Pick the Right Story

Owing to its enormous popularity, USA Today is a daily read for most important decision-makers, including entrepreneurs, investors, influencers, and more. This category of individuals is usually hard to reach through traditional marketing. Consequently, being able to tap into this clientele through top-ranking media outlets like USA Today, Tech Times Magazines, or Yahoo News is more likely to grab their attention. Media placements on these news sites can provide your business with a lot of exposure, which can either make or break your brand’s image. Thus, it’s necessary to ensure that you have an important announcement or a good story to publish on these sites to keep your target audience engaged and intrigued. Leading Digital PR agencies take the effort of strategizing and crafting such stories away from you and help with a draft that meets the writing standards of these platforms and strengthens your perceived value.

3.      Invest In Your Communication Plan

The misconception among new-age business owners and brands is that going viral is the only way to reach potential customers and stand out from the competition. But this strategy only brings momentary gains. What helps, in the long run, is to secure media coverage on sites like USA Today. Hence, it’s crucial to create a solid communication plan to build your brand presence, reach out to more customers, and establish strong industry relationships. Expert agencies like Digital Nod can help you execute your communication plan and meet your marketing objectives.

What Makes USA Today and Similar Sites Great for your PR?

Global news platforms like Yahoo News and Tech Times Magazine have all it takes to support your Digital PR efforts. Understanding how to get featured on USA Today and similar outlets can help you use these sites’ resources. The aspects that make these online publications unique include:

  • Being social: Most of these sites have a human factor to them. They create social content that keeps people coming back for more. Having your brand featured on such sites allows you to use this to your advantage, which gets more people to relate to your brand.
  • Transparency: Such news platforms are quite transparent about their content. They do not indulge in sponsored advertising. This means your brand can interact with Google and your target audience in an organic manner, which can offer enormous benefits in the long term.
  • Outreach: USA today has more than 150 million site visitors. Discovering how to get featured on USA Today is the first step to getting your brand the desired visibility. A strategic communication plan ensures your brand leverages similar platforms to present its narrative.

Leverage Professional Digital PR Services 

It takes time to navigate how to get featured on Yahoo NewsTech Times Magazine, USA Today, and other leading news outlets. Hiring a Digital PR service provider like Digital Nod helps you skip the steps involved in the research process – you can get straight to being featured. 

Contact Digital Nod today to learn more on how to get featured on Yahoo News and similar sites.

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