As you plan out your social media strategy for the year, you should account for some emerging trends that will shape the digital marketing industry. Below are three of the top social media marketing trends that experts predict will shape 2021. By planning with these strategies in mind, you can ensure that your brand or business achieves its full potential in the coming year. Read this blog to learn more.

SMO Will Become More Prevalent

Without a doubt, you have heard the term SEO or “search engine optimization.” SEO refers to how content ranks in a search engine like Google. Based on different keywords or phrases, you can increase the chances that your content is placed near the top of a search results page. Historically, SEO hasn’t had much to do with social media. But recently, using hashtags or social media search bars, this has begun to change. Social Media Optimization, or SMO, is a term you will hear more in 2021 as social media users attempt to rank higher on social platform search results.

One thing that always increases your ranking in search results pages is getting your page verified. Digital Nod offers Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Verification Packages to boost your reach on social media pages. Getting verified is a sure-shot way of increasing your brand awareness and take your SMO to the next level.

UGC Will Continue to Grow

When the pandemic hit last Spring, many professional social media accounts were forced to adjust their content. No longer could they use polished or staged photos taken in the office or out in the field. As the world transitioned to working remotely, UGC rose in popularity. UGC stands for “user-generated content.” Many brands opted to use photos and videos posted by their followers to stay topical and relevant. This is a trend that will continue into 2021 and possibly beyond.

But it is impossible to source good UGC without a broad base of followers. Digital Nod offers growth packages that can help your page attract new and unique followers, followers that are primed and ready to produce content for you to leverage and boost your brand’s engagement online.

Social Media Commerce Will Expand

Shoppable Instagram posts and social media storefronts have been on the rise. As people continue to shop remotely in 2021, social media accounts will be expected to deliver easily shoppable content. At the very least, social media accounts should link to online stores within one or two clicks.

Even as e-commerce continues to grow, consumers are wary of purchasing from online brands they don’t recognize. That’s why growing your brand awareness can increase your social media sales and, in turn, your revenue. Digital Nod’s Media Placement Service guarantees that your brand will be written about on leading news sites and blogs. By building your brand’s reputation, your social media sales will grow.


In conclusion, 2021 will be an evolving year for social media marketing. But by planning for these year-defining trends, you can ensure that your brand achieves its full potential this year. Digital Nod has worked with numerous leading brands, celebrities, and public figures. We offer a host of services, including social media verification on several social platforms, guaranteed media placements, growth packages, and more. Digital Nod will ensure that your brand or business stays ahead of the curve. Maximize growth through your digital marketing initiatives with Digital Nod’s bespoke solution oriented approach.

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