Today, Twitter has become the modern battleground for thought leadership. It is a place to share news, express your opinions, and discuss events in real time. At the same time, Twitter is also one of the largest marketing platforms for entrepreneurs and brands. With over 329 million worldwide users, Twitter provides a ready platform to directly promote yourself or your brand to millions. To ensure your voice has maximum impact in such a crowded space, the Twitter blue tick is a must. And this blog will tell you why Digital Nod is the #1 Twitter verification agency that can help you get that blue tick in no time!

While anyone can apply for Twitter verification, only a select few are awarded this badge, especially when applying by yourself. However, the odds change dramatically when you enlist the aid of a proven Twitter verification agency like us.

Why Does Twitter Verification Matter?

The Twitter verification badge tells other users they are interacting with a genuine and legitimate account. This is of particular importance for brands, businesses, and influencers.

Moreover, Twitter has become a trendy space for financial discussions today, especially in the crypto sector. When it comes to their money, people want to be sure they’re interacting with an authentic brand or individual. The blue badge also adds weight to your advice and suggestions since, with it, people will take you more seriously.

Here are some other points as to why a Twitter-verified account is important:

  • The Twitter blue tick vouches for your credibility.
  • The Twitter algorithm favors verified accounts in search results and suggestions. Hence, this can lead to more followers, views, and traffic.
  • The Twitter blue tick tells others that the platform has vetted you, signifying your content is legit and worth following.

How Does Twitter Verification Work?

The Twitter verification process was on hiatus until it reopened in 2021. With this came a new set of verification guidelines to qualify for that Twitter blue tick. The primary requirements are that an account must be authentic, notable, and active. Usually, Twitter grants verification to accounts that fall under the following categories:

  • Governments
  • News organizations & journalists
  • Companies, brands, & enterprises
  • Celebrities & entertainers
  • Athletes & gamers (including e-sports)
  • Activists & organizers
  • Entrepreneurs & business figures
  • Content creators & influencers

Twitter verification might seem like a simple process initially, but proving your notability to Twitter is no mean feat. Moreover, there is no guarantee of a blue tick when you apply by yourself. After all, only about 0.2% of the platform’s total active users are verified.

However, you can increase your chances of getting the Twitter blue tick exponentially when a proven agency like Digital Nod leverages its networks and applies on your behalf.

What Makes Digital Nod the #1 Twitter Verification Agency?

If you want to get verified on Twitter, look no further than Digital Nod. Our industry partnerships and experience can open new doors for you. Here are a few reasons that make us the leading authority in Twitter verification applications:

100% Guaranteed Solution

Our Twitter verification service comes with a 100% guarantee. In the (unlikely) event that we fail to deliver the blue badge within the promised time, we will refund your money — it is that simple! Digital Nod prides itself on this guarantee and the peace of mind it offers to its clients.

When you work with us, you’ll get either of two outcomes: a successful verification or a refund. Isn’t that what you call a win-win situation?

Proven Expertise

Digital Nod brings with it formidable experience and industry relationships when it comes to Twitter verification. We have helped over 1,000 brands, public figures, influencers, and entrepreneurs get the blue badge on the platform.

Highest Success Rate

Digital Nod offers the highest success rate for the Twitter verification service among all digital marketing agencies. When we accept a client, it means we are sure we can deliver the desired results. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we have a 95% success rate for Twitter verification applications.


Harnessing the power of social media is a must for modern-day marketing. And to make the most of this invaluable tool, verified accounts are critical. As the leading Twitter verification agency in the industry, Digital Nod knows the significance of that blue tick. Contact us today to get yours and take your Twitter account to new heights!

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