Today, sponsored press coverages on digital media are one of the most effective ways to boost brand awareness. Traditional media outlets such as newspapers and magazines have all shifted online. And so have the modern readers. Hence, you can reach an exponentially larger audience by targeting these channels.

However, while it is easy for established businesses to run sponsored articles in some of the world’s most prominent media outlets, it’s not the same for up-and-coming organizations. But that doesn’t mean these startups and young brands cannot leverage digital PR. You can find direct entry into any top publication by simply choosing the right agency for sponsored articles.

What Is Sponsored Press Coverage?

Sponsored press coverage refers to promotional media on a publication that an advertiser pays for but is created and shared by another publisher. Sponsored press content is often presented in such a way that it looks like editorial content. It is cohesive with the rest of the page and seems organic rather than standing out. Simply put, this type of coverage appears to be native rather than an outlier. Businesses can benefit from sponsored press by leveraging their association with famous publications to boost brand awareness.

3 Ways Sponsored Press Coverage Can 10x Your Brand’s Visibility

1.      Targeted Placement

Let’s say you have launched a personal training business, complete with its own app. Advertising through social media marketing has brought in some business, but it’s not enough. You are having trouble getting the word out about your service and need to reach a larger audience. And this is where targeted press placement can come to your aid. If you can have an informative article about your business published on a major site like menshealth.com, get ready to hire more employees because you will probably need the help!

2.      Higher Search Rankings

Chances are that menshealth.com ranks much higher than your website on Google. So, if a person searches for “men’s personal training,” they’ll be more likely to visit one of the top results. They wouldn’t go through countless matches until they come across your site. Now, if your article on menshealth.com were to be one of the top results, imagine the number of inquires you’d have coming in!

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3.      The Advantage Over Native Ads

Sponsored press coverage is also a great alternative to native ads, which look like editorial content but are, in fact, not. While advertising your business is a goal, the other part of the equation is to educate. This is where an informative article has the edge over condensed ads.

How to Create Press That Builds Brand Awareness?

If you’re wondering how to create the perfect press articles for your brand, we’ve got you covered!

Keep Away from Advertorials

It is critical to avoid advertorial content to leverage online press placements effectively. In other words, you shouldn’t be looking to make a hard sell. If you’re seeking brand awareness, go with journalistic articles educating the readers about who you are and what you offer. After all, to build brand awareness, you need to pitch the perfect brand story.

Make Smart Decisions

When going with sponsored press coverage, it is crucial to choose your publications wisely. Firstly, the publications must be related to your industry and have your target audience as their reader base. Moreover, some outlets offer sponsored press coverage without the sponsored tag. This way, the content is more organic as it feels native to the page the reader is already interacting with. You do not want sponsored press to be invasive — this could turn potential customers away immediately.

Amp Up Your Announcement

Sponsored press articles can even take an otherwise mundane press release and turn it into buzz-worthy news. Readers will be more likely to read a story that resonates with them.

How Digital Nod Can Help

You’ve learned what sponsored press coverage is and how to create the perfect press articles. Now, the question that remains is how to publish these articles. Well, that’s where an experienced media partner like Digital Nod can help you. Here’s what our sponsored press coverage service offers:

The Content Gurus

With years of experience in our bag, we know what it takes to build brand awareness. Not only will we help you build the perfect content strategy, but we can also curate high-quality content for you. Moreover, we’ll help you choose the ideal publications in sync with your industry and business goals.

Our Relationships

We have access to over 100 top news websites, including names like Forbes, Business Insider, and USA Today. This means that you’d be spoilt for choice. Your press articles will blend in as part of the editorial content rather than coming across as glaring interruptions. What’s more, we provide a 100% money-back guarantee with our service.

Zero Retainers

Expensive lumpsum retainers do not apply at Digital Nod. Unlike other PR agencies, we operate on a pay-as-you-go model. So, you only pay for the articles that are published, or you get your money back.

To Conclude

If you want to build brand awareness using press coverage, it is critical to put your content where it will be seen. This can be a tall order for new brands since most publications want to work with established names. So, let Digital Nod serve as your media partner to get your name out and in the right places.

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