With the advent of Instagram, the business landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade. Various entrepreneurs, influencers, and brands are jumping on Instagram to see rapid growth in their business. From stories and IGTV to reels, Instagram offers a variety of tools to improve your online presence.  

While several brands and businesses focus on building a stronger presence on Instagram, there are several factors that can work against you if you aren’t careful. Here are 5 mistakes that might hamper your Instagram account’s growth.  

1. Neglecting Instagram verification

One of the most significant ways to boost your Instagram account’s growth is by getting yourself verified. It is an easy way to build credibility and let your followers know that they are interacting with a reputed and genuine person or brand. People worldwide have benefitted from Instagram verification to multiply their followers and increase engagement.  

By not getting verified, you’re missing out on a chance to boost your growth, reach a wider audience, and build credibility in the eyes of your audience. Digital Nod can help you get verified and leverage it to boost your growth online. 

2. Ignoring brand collaboration opportunities

Various celebrities and businesses have a massive following online. Announcing collaborations or loop giveaways with these influencers can automatically elevate your brand’s presence on Instagram. A positive word from these influencers may also help gain credibility and increase your followers by 5x. Ignoring brand collaborations is a mistake you would want to avoid actively. 

Digital Nod can help organize potent Loop Give Aways and help strengthen your brand’s Instagram presence while you’re able to reach a huge audience and gain genuine, organic followers; real people, not bots. 

3. Not focusing on engagement

The path to increasing your presence on Instagram involves building a great bond with your audience. The only way to make sure your online community snowballs is through sustained engagement. From announcing giveaways, hosting polls, or holding Q n A’s, there are numerous ways to interact with your audience online. Ignoring audience engagement can cost you big time.  

Building a strong follower base is a time-consuming process. Digital Nod’s Instagram growth packages can help you take your brand to the next level. With professional guidance, come powerful results.  

4. Not sharing compelling content

To grow your brand, you need followers. To attract them, you will have to show them what your brand is all about by posting compelling content regularly. While it’s essential to post regularly to help build audience engagement, make sure you don’t end up spamming your followers. No matter how thought-provoking or amazing your posts are, you will never attract followers if you post rarely or overdo it; balance is key.  

While sharing compelling content often is important, it is equally important to be featured frequently in the press. Not only does this help you reach a niche audience, but it is also essential if you ever hope to get verified on Instagram. 


Instagram is an excellent tool for entrepreneurs, businesses, influencers, and brands to connect with followers worldwide. By avoiding the above mistakes, you can ensure constant growth and multiply your market reach and revenue! 

Another thing to remember is that it’s always advisable to seek professional guidance for optimal results. Legitimate and reliable agencies like Digital Nod can help you build your Instagram account, monetize your follower base, build meaningful brand collaborations and give you nuanced guidance to quadruple your growth. 

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