The music industry has evolved substantially over the last decade. Leading artists have built their brands rapidly online by harnessing digital channels. From going viral on social media to growing your fan base on Spotify and YouTube, being a successful artist is closely linked to your digital presence. Building your online presence is essential to grow and succeed in the music world today.

Having analyzed the digital presence of leading artists, here are 4 social media mistakes that all successful artists avoid.

Ignoring the importance of building your personal brand

Building your personal brand online is essential to scale your visibility and growth. As a musician, it is essential to stay relevant. One of the most effective ways musicians remain relevant is to appear in the news frequently. You can get featured regularly in the press. Ask yourself these questions: how strong is my visibility on Google? How do my fans and followers perceive me? Digital Nod has helped several leading artists and musicians strengthen their online presence. We have helped provide them guaranteed media placements in newspapers and magazines that cover trending artists to build their brand and grow their fanbase online. Several artists have personally requested for packages that have helped them stay in the news online, build their communities on social media, and broaden their reach.

Neglecting the importance of social media verification

Successful artists spend a great deal of time and effort on their brand identity online. One of the most critical aspects in this regard is getting yourself verified on the biggest social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Apart from securing the coveted blue tick on your Instagram account, a verified profile helps your fans, followers, and people connect with you faster. People know they’re interacting with the real you while also adding a significant amount of trust and credibility. Your content also reaches a wider audience and helps you bolster your online presence substantially. You instantly separate your brand from the rest with the blue tick.

Not building a personal connection

Whether you have your own band or are a solo artist, remember to add your personal touch. Regularly interacting with your digital fan base is essential. They need to identify with you and fall in love with your unique style. It will serve to distinguish you from all the others. From hosting interactive sessions, posting on Facebook live, or holding Q&As, there is a lot that you can do to add your personal touch to the work that you do.

Not focussing on growth and engagement

The path to becoming a leading artist or musician involves building an unbreakable bond with your audience. Make sure that your online community is constantly growing. Since Instagram’s algorithm is constantly evolving, it is essential to stay on top of your game and build a massive follower base on social media platforms. Always remember that higher engagement will result in rapid growth. Digital Nod can help you broaden your horizons, reach a wider audience, and engage effectively with your digital fan base. We’ve helped prominent artists get featured in known news publications, get verified on social media, & grow their social media following with Instagram growth packages and exclusive loop giveaways. Artists worldwide have benefitted from these tools to multiply their brand reach and engagement to meet their goals.

Your journey to being a household name in the music industry would be a lot easier with a professional agency like Digital Nod in your corner. Our tried and tested solutions have helped artists become renowned personal brands and help showcase their music to a broader audience. When selecting an agency to handle your brand, make sure you choose one which is a known solution-provider.

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