There are companies that specialize in their fields. Be it consultants, doctors, or agencies, everyone has their respective area of expertise. They are known to provide quality assistance and help solve problems with their experience. Similarly, getting verified on social media is an area where you need an agency with the right expertise to take you through the process to get the coveted blue badge. Instagram received millions of requests every day from people who want to get verified. However, only the ones that meet the criteria go through. Here are 5 reasons why you need professional help to get verified on Instagram. 

Professional agencies help build you notability

One of the most important elements that all verified accounts have in common is notability. It is important for anyone applying for verification to be seen as someone who is known for their work in their field and has built an online presence that reflects it. People with a good body of work but a weak online presence get rejected every day. It is important to build notability by your presence in the media – newspapers and magazines – that feature you, talk about your achievements, your track record, and more. An agency like ours specializes in building notability online with guaranteed media placements in well-known newspapers and magazines.  

Professional agencies are experts in helping build your Instagram presence. With the help of an agency like Digital Nod, you can take advantage of their direct media placements and get featured in well-known newspapers and magazines across the globe. Making headlines in the press will help towards your notability and strengthen your chances of becoming verified. 

Gain professional insight

If you attempt to get verified on Instagram on your own, you could get lucky and secure it. But by applying and simply keeping your fingers crossed, you are among the 99.9% of applications that get rejected everyday. By working with a legitimate digital agency like Digital Nod, you immediately gain professional insight and experience, leaving you with a deeper understanding of the verification process and a higher chances of getting the blue badge. 

Say goodbye to uncertainty

You could unknowingly be facing the same issue each time you apply, which keeps denying you the verification that you deserve. The uncertainty of whether or not your request will be approved is removed when you use professional help. Legitimate, reliable agencies understand the nuances of Instagram verification. Their methods are tried and tested, and proven to work. 

Avoid setbacks

It would be wonderful if achieving Instagram verification was quick and easy so that you could keep growing your brand while safe in the knowledge that your Instagram page is attracting new followers. There is no magic trick to becoming a verified account, but the fastest way to achieve it is to use the services of a professional agency that can help you avoid all of the setbacks and pitfalls from your way. 

While there are many agencies that claim to get you verified, it is important you place your trust in the hands of a proven expert. Digital Nod offers verification for Instagram with the highest success rate in the market. It pays to work with professionals when you want to take your brand to the next level and obtain that coveted blue tick for your Instagram page.  

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