Marketing your brand in 2021 can be overwhelming. It can feel like you need to be up to date on every online marketing trend to stay ahead of the competition. Each year, new technologies and updates change the landscape of online PR. This can lead to fresh misconceptions and added confusion. 

Rather than taking up the burden yourself, a reliable digital agency can help you get the most out of digital PR. The scope of the PR industry has expanded so much in recent years that myths and misconceptions have grown too. Here we look at three of digital PRs biggest myths and show you the truth.

Retainer fees is not required

Several digital agencies insist that you pay a retainer fee for ongoing projects. This is a myth! Rather than paying unnecessary retainer fees, a project-based method is both economical and efficient. The project-based method doesn’t require a retainer fee and instead arranges a set goal with the client for one agreed price. This method of marketing completely cuts out the need to budget for retainer fees. It also provides more freedom for an individual, brand, or business to grow and adapt their PR activities as required.

PR is expensive 

There is a persistent myth that employing the services of a PR agency is only reserved for businesses and brands that have a lot of money to spend. It can be easy to feel that help from a marketing agency is a luxury that you can’t afford. But agencies like Digital Nod can help you kick-start your PR with as little as $100. The concept of PR being expensive is untrue. It is now possible for a brand to legitimately hire digital PR services for a fee that won’t drain their marketing budget.

Getting good press placement can take months 

Things have changed! Unlike traditional PR, digital PR is fast, efficient, and affordable. As the world of online media has evolved so has the world of PR and digital marketing. Digital Nod can help you get featured on top-tier publications in record time with a money-back guarantee. If you’d like to know more about guaranteed media placements, Instagram verificationor Facebook verification you can reach out to us. We can help you strengthen your digital presence and take your branding efforts to new heights.

Seeing your brand featured in leading publications can feel like a distant dream. The truth is that you do not need to wait for several months to get a good press placement. You do not need to spend heaps of money and wait endlessly; this is a myth. Professional digital agencies like Digital Nod can offer you guaranteed media placements with a remarkably quick turn-around time.

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