Twitter is one of today’s leading social media platforms because it evens the communication field between brands and customers. So, it’s no wonder that over 200 million daily users flock to Twitter to find things that delight, inform, and entertain. Moreover, Twitter has also become a platform where innovators and thought-leaders from different industries share their views and opinions on various topics with millions of fans and followers. 

However, despite having millions of followers and attracting thousands of reacts, comments, and shares on your tweets, you still need to check one more box to truly solidify your authority on the platform—you need to obtain Twitter’s verification blue badge to ensure neither your followers nor your doubters can question your authority. 

If you have stumbled upon this blog, it’s safe to assume that Twitter verification is something on your mind. So, let’s unveil the truth behind the Twitter verification process. 

Twitter Verification – The Burning Question 

As a content creator or business owner who wants to verify their Twitter account to obtain the blue badge of authenticity, you might wonder if it’s possible to buy the verification badge directly. Well, the short answer is no. You don’t get to buy the verification badge from Twitter or any third-party vendor, no matter what some scammers may tell you. 

Twitter verification is free of cost, but you must fulfill certain eligibility criteria. So, instead of trying to buy Twitter verification directly, you can hire an expert Twitter verification agency that can help you get verified using its tried-and-tested methods.  

Benefits of Twitter Verification 

The Twitter verification badge is more valuable than simply serving for visual purposes. That is why before we move on to the details of the verification process, let us delve into some of the benefits it brings for you and your business.  

  • Shows Your Authority 

Twitter being one of the world’s leading social networking websites, the verified badge beside your name in this platform solidifies your power and position within the Twitter community. Moreover, it tells people that Twitter identifies you or your brand as an authority in your specific field and adds weight to your views and opinions on your subject. 

  • Ranks You among an Esteemed Company 

Having a verified account on Twitter means your profile ranks among the top 0.05% of profiles on the platform. This way, you get to have a presence within an esteemed and elite community that consists of the world’s best entrepreneurs, celebrities, leaders, and brands. Such an esteemed company adds incredible value to your brand image and reputation. 

  • Prevents Identity Theft 

Twitter has a policy that no two accounts can use the same username, but that doesn’t stop impersonators from creating a fake account after a famous brand or person. Impersonators use a slightly different version of the famous person or brand’s actual Twitter username and attract the real account’s traffic and followers. Sometimes, scammers may even make a fake account to spread misinformation. In short, nothing hurts a person’s online reputation as bad as identity theft. However, the Twitter verified tick can help you safely distinguish your account from those of impersonators. 

How to Get Verified On Twitter 

You know now why you must verify your Twitter account and earn the blue badge. But to do that, you must meet these three essential criteria: 

  • Authenticity 

The first Twitter verification criterion is authenticity. This means that you must be able to prove that you are who you claim to be. To confirm your identity, you must provide your official website link, a photo of your official government-issued ID, and an official email address from the relevant domain. 

  • Activity 

To fulfill the second criteria, you must have logged in to your account and posted content in the past six months. Your account should also have your real phone number and email address. Additionally, your account must not have violated any Twitter rules that may have resulted in lockouts in the past six months. 

  • Notability 

For the third criterion, you must prove your or your brand’s fame and popularity. This is mainly determined by the quality and quantity of press or media coverage that you have on reputed media publications. 

It is easy for most creators and brands to achieve the first two criteria; however, the majority of them fail to fit the third. That is where an expert social media verification agency like Digital Nod comes into the picture.  

Why Choose Digital Nod 

At Digital Nod, we have direct connections with hundreds of leading press and media publications that publish articles about our clients, thereby enhancing their reputation and validating their notability. 

We have verified 1000+ clients on Twitter in the past few years of our journey. We also have the highest success rate for this service in the market. Moreover, when you hire us, you don’t have to worry about a thing as we are here to take care of your Twitter verification from start to finish. We start by composing engaging and creative content about you or your brand, and then we get them directly published on our partner publications that include highly-reputed names, such as USA Today, Yahoo Finance, Tech Times, and more. Finally, we also look over the submission of your verification application to Twitter and ensure that it goes through smoothly. 


In the current social media-dominated digital landscape, Twitter verification for entrepreneurs, creators, and brands is no longer a luxury but a necessity to establish yourself as an authoritative figure in your industry. Not everyone has the opportunity to get verified on Twitter or receive expert help while applying for verification. So, to get ahead of your competition and ensure that this golden opportunity doesn’t pass you by, contact Digital Nod today! 

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