Digital PR services are the key to building a robust online presence, whether you’re a brand, celebrity, or public figure. It is crucial to solidify your digital footprint today because it results in higher rankings on Google’s search results. After all, your Google presence can potentially make or break your business.

As per the stats, the world’s most popular search engine performs nearly 3.5 billion daily searches. And if you’re wondering how many of these searches are purchase-related, here are some numbers for you:

Hence, it’s clear that the higher a name ranks on Google, the more likely it is that consumers will interact with them. And if you’re looking to establish your Google presence, digital PR is just the solution you need.

What Are Digital PR Services?

PR or public relations are strategic communication between organizations and their target audience. In modern terms, think of PR as using the internet to attract and maintain customers. Digital PR uses press coverage on leading news publications to bring brands and public figures under the spotlight.

Traditional PR relies heavily on offline newspapers, radio, mailers, magazines, and TV to build brand awareness. Digital PR, on the other hand, uses electronic mediums to share a brand’s voice. As our world has shifted online today, this is where most B2C communication takes place. Therefore, online PR services are exponentially more effective than their traditional counterpart in modern times. The significantly higher conversion rates through digital PR also back this claim.

How Can Digital PR Services Boost Your Google Presence?

The right media relations agency can help you get featured in Forbes and other renowned online publications. When such highly-credible outlets publish your brand story, these articles will, by default, rank higher on Google. As a result, whenever someone searches for your brand online, this positive media coverage would pop up first. Moreover, such publications usually have very high domain authority (DA) scores — another factor which helps in higher search rankings.

But that’s not all! Your articles on these high-end outlets would also have backlinks to your website. And such high-quality backlinks can also do wonders for your own website’s SEO!

Each leading publication has its own set of guidelines and requirements to feature a story. If you’re a brand or influencer, you could directly reach out to them and request them to feature your story. But unless you have a strong network or direct relations with top journalists, the odds are slim. This is especially true for up-and-coming brands and public figures trying to compete with the big players. 

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find your way to the top online publications. This is where digital PR services from a reliable media relations partner, like Digital Nod, come in.

With our guaranteed media placement services, we can help you feature your story in any top publication from over 250 options. We have robust connections with these publications, built over years of trust and partnership. Whether you want to get featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, or Business Insider — you name it, you got it! Moreover, we provide a 100% guarantee of delivery with our services.

At Digital Nod, we help our clients develop a PR strategy that gives their businesses maximum exposure across the right channels. After all, it’s about more than just about press features; it’s about the right press in the right place!

To Sum It Up

Therefore, It’s clear that digital PR services are a must for people looking to increase their online brand awareness. Today, most consumers are beyond the reach of traditional PR and branding methods. And when it comes to planning your digital PR strategy, choosing the right media relations partner can make all the difference!

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