Being mentioned in an article, included in a round-up of recommendations, or featured on a leading news website are all great ways to get yourself noticed by a new audience. They are also examples of press coverage – where a media outlet features your story or brand because they think it will be of interest to their audience. But there are many people and brands out there striving to get press coverage and media exposure.

With the right digital PR efforts, it’s certainly possible to get press coverage. But you still have work to do to maximize the impact of positive press coverage and gain more value from it. The surge in website traffic and a swirl of media attention achieved from press coverage persists for only a few months. And as you might expect, a trending article is worth its weight in gold. Thus, it is essential to amplify your media coverage across different channels to gain maximum exposure. 

This way, you can stay on top of the news cycle and reach a more diverse audience over a longer period. But remember, time is of the essence when it comes to maximizing press coverage. So, use these powerful techniques to extend the life of your press coverage. If you are unsure of how to proceed, an experienced media placement agency like Digital Nod can guide you in the right direction.

1. Promote your media coverage on social media

The first thing you should do after earning press coverage is share it across your social media accounts on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. To drive traffic to the article:

  • Reach out to your clients, customers, followers, and influencers in your industry and encourage them to engage with and comment on the article. This will help increase the social buzz around the press coverage.
  • Cite the media placement service provider and publication you got coverage from. Tag them on Twitter and pin that tweet to the top of your feed. Giving credit to agencies and media outlets on social media is the easiest thing to do. In turn, they may reciprocate by resharing your post.
  • Along with posting images of your press coverage, also post links to the story. This will provide even greater exposure.
  • If a spokesperson is quoted in the press coverage, let them know by mentioning them on social media. This will grab their attention and give them a chance to reshare the press coverage.

2. Spread the word via your newsletters

Email newsletters have proven to be great tools for communicating your brand’s success. If you have a list of people you regularly send newsletters to, share the press coverages in your next email. Once you issue your email, inform your media placement agency. They can track the performance of these coverages and their impact on your overall online presence. If you want to take a step further to stand out, link your coverage in your email signature. This is an excellent way to enhance your credibility among the stakeholders.

3. Showcase your press coverages on your website and social media handles

If you have a news or blog section on your website, you can promote your media placements on it. You can also share the link on your social media handles such as Facebook and Instagram. Sharing a live link to an article about you on your IG handle is very effective. When you add the coverage on your website or social media, make sure you provide a link to the original article. This is the sure-fire way to ensure you aren’t caught by any copyright infringements laid out by the media outlet. Having a page reserved for showcasing your press coverage indicates you are regularly in the news and helps to improve your website’s ranking on Google and other search engines.

4. Leverage your press to get verified on social media

Your social media accounts must be active, notable, and authentic to receive the verification badge. Simply having thousands of followers isn’t enough. Having your articles published on international news sites like USA Today, Forbes, Maxim, and Ocean Drive increases and showcases your notability. This is one of the parameters social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook consider while accepting or rejecting your verification request. So, when you have press coverages from reputed news sites that talk about you, your brand, and your story, use them to your advantage for verification. A professional social media verification agency can ease the process by offering both, media placement services and Instagram and Facebook verification services.

Success breeds success, and press coverage is just the same. It is up to you to convert that coverage into an ongoing conversation and an opportunity to earn more media placements in the near future.

Now that you know how important press coverage is, and how to leverage it to your advantage, consider connecting with a reliable digital PR agency like Digital Nod. Get in touch with Digital Nod today, and we will help you unlock the true potential of media placements.

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