Media coverage can have a significant impact on your personal brand or business. It is the first step towards getting your message out to your audience. It is imperative to amplify your press across a number of channels for different objectives, including verification on Instagram. The right press can help you build trust within your audience, improve your sales, and boost your notability.

Press coverage in reputable news outlets can also make you rank higher on search engines. This holds great importance since 64% of consumers rely on news to find everything related to a brand. However, building high-value press takes time and effort. When the aim is to create PR articles for Instagram verification, the content must be newsworthy and specific to your niche market. The more positive press exposure you receive, the higher your chances of getting verified on Instagram. Here’s leading Digital PR agency, Digital Nod’s take on the importance of the right media coverage for Instagram verification:

1. The right press gives you an identity and adds to your credibility

It is much easier to thrive in the online world when your identity is well-established. Having news stories published about you that show up in a Google search is the most crucial criteria for building your Instagram verification worthiness. The readers become aware of who you are, what you do, and the difference your brand makes. It becomes public knowledge, making it easier to interact and connect with existing and potential customers. This established identity lays out a path to verification since Instagram can recognize your brand and finds it credible and authentic. You can strengthen your online identity and reputation by identifying the media outlets your target audience prefers. This way, you can plan to get featured on the sites that will strengthen your credibility and help get verified.

2. The right press acts as a trustworthy source for brand-related information

Modern-day consumers and clients flock to news platforms before associating with a brand. When they find your brand mentions on reputable media outlets, they instantly develop more trust and loyalty. Thus, maintaining a positive online image and press exposure has become increasingly important. For instance, article features for Instagram verification on international platforms like USA Today, Forbes, Yahoo, and Entrepreneur contribute considerably to the verification process and help influence brand perceptions. An experienced Digital PR agency can come to your rescue to identify and publish the information that will work in your brand’s favor. 

3. The right press establishes you as an industry leader

It is easier to get verified on Instagram when you are perceived as a subject-matter expert. The media is always looking for specialists to weigh in on trending topics. The idea is to pay attention to what is going on in your industry and then talk about that topic with your unique perspectives and insights. By frequently appearing in the news, you can also keep your readers engaged and build brand recognition. When readers notice that a media outlet sought your advice and expertise as opposed to a competitor, the result is that you stand out as a critical thought leader. One of the ways to do this is through media placements on high-ranking news sites, which can aid your verification process. Get your article features for Instagram verification on reputable platforms via an agency or establish relationships with journalists. Either way, it is a win-win situation.

4. The right press bolsters your notability

When you apply for Instagram verification, they first check your notability to understand whether you are competent enough to be recognized or not. You can hire a professional media PR agency to attain credible media exposure and online appearance. Press coverages in prominent and independent news outlets like USA Today, Forbes, and Entrepreneur help establish and enhance your notability. Securing even a single feature article on these kinds of authoritative sites that mention your personal brand in detail contributes to your notability. Leveraging the momentum of positive media coverage will pay dividends in the form of better online reputation, improved brand awareness, and guaranteed Instagram verification.

Secure positive media placements and strengthen your Digital PR efforts

Keep in mind that creating press exposure for yourself is as important as engaging with your customers. It might take time to build positive press and attain online visibility. But with a Digital PR agency like Digital Nod by your side, getting featured on top-ranking sites is easily possible. Such experienced agencies have already developed the right relationships to propel your Digital PR efforts to success.

So, if you want help to gain the right press exposure or get verified on Instagram, contact Digital Nod.

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