The relevance of good Public Relations (PR) in a fast-growing digital world cannot be overemphasized. The advantages for organizations are far-reaching, ranging from maintaining a positive online reputation to increased sales and profits. Interestingly, businesses and organizations, in general, are gradually making a shift from the traditional modes of publicity to more modern PR methods. They focus on building an online reputation and positive visibility. Any business today that wants to thrive requires a good PR strategy in place. Employing the services of a digital PR agency like Digital Nod can be a great way to build your digital presence and personal brand. 

Traditional PR methods such as newspaper and magazine adverts, billboards, and publicity through business events are no doubt effective strategies. However, digital PR methods have proven to be more cost-effective because the internet has made it possible to reach a wider audience. Also, people spend more time online, making it the best place to advertise your products and services. Recognizing the dire need for good digital PR, corporates are leveraging digital PR services in several ways as follows. 

INCREASED BRAND CREDIBILITY: Customers tend to patronize the brands that they trust. People are in fear of being scammed these days by fake online brands or companies selling counterfeit products. Maintaining an excellent online reputation can help build trust that would attract customers to your doorstep. If you can build your online visibility through active social media interaction, posting customer reviews, and addressing online complaints, people would begin to trust you. When people trust you, they are far more likely to recommend and transact with your business or brand. More so, other PR strategies like removing negative content online and negative search results affecting your business can go a long way in portraying your brand as authentic and credible. 

BUILDING ONLINE PRESENCE: The use of social media tools such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., can help boost your business’s online presence. Brands are going beyond just physical interaction to engaging customers and prospective customers online. With an excellent social media engagement plan in place, it is much easier to debunk any negative rumor or content, leading to reputational damage for your business. An active online presence ultimately means you can create and sustain a positive image for your brand. For instance, corporates employ media platforms to broadcast their charitable activities, which often puts them in the positive spotlight. Digital Nod offers social media verification services that can assist in promoting your business’ online presence. 

INCREASED SALES AND REVENUE: Investing in strong digital PR is investing in the future of your business. Brand credibility and an excellent online image will drive your business leads, sales, and profits up. Customers will trust your products and services and will naturally be attracted to you.  

According to zoominfo, 80% of sales executives believe their salesforce will be more productive with a greater social media presence. Also, the same statistics reveal that 63.4% of companies using social media to boost sales reported an increase in company sales revenue, compared to those who did not. 

The world is changing rapidly. With many digital and technological advancements, a business or organization that fails to align with emerging digital trends will be on the losing end. If you’re looking for a reliable online PR agency to ensure that your organization maintains an excellent online reputation, then Digital Nod is here for you. Digital Nod is in the business of consistently delivering effective digital solutions that will enhance your business’s online reputation and ultimately bolster growth. To know more about our ORM services, feel free to reach out to us. 

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