With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies hitting new records, the blockchain ecosystem is expanding wildly. We know that blockchain technology has the power to change the world. And in this blog, we explain how effective crypto PR could be the only thing standing between you and your brand’s stardom in the realm of cryptocurrency. If you are looking to get your crypto brand’s story picked up in the news but don’t know how to go about it, this blog is just for you! 

According to a research study published by Investopedia, the total number of cryptocurrencies on different blockchains has exceeded the 10,000 figure mark. Moreover, the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies combined hit the $3 trillion milestone recently in 2021.  

Due to this massive rise in popularity, there has been a boom in the number of crypto startups lately, and they are all competing with one another to get their brands ranked at the top. From real-time P2P transactions to digital marketplaces and from crypto wallets to decentralized applications (DApps), these projects are emerging in every pocket of the industry.  

Unfortunately, many of these startups are facing difficulties in establishing their brands, and some don’t even know where to begin. One of the main reasons for this is that these startups fail to realize that an attractive brand image and a strong media presence are essential to growing your company’s influence in the crypto world. And to help you cut through a crowded market and build a solid reputation, you will need help from a crypto PR firm with a strong marketing game.  

Why You Should Use PR Services for Crypto 

Crypto marketing helps your blockchain startup in multiple ways, each of which is necessary to increase your reach and familiarize your brand among crypto enthusiasts. The benefits of crypto PR include: 

Brand Identity and Credibility 

The first and foremost goal of any crypto PR strategy for a startup is to build awareness and get the name out there. Digital PR plays an equally critical role in creating the right buzz for your brand in the blockchain world.  

The market today is flooded with crypto entrepreneurs who spend heavily on advertising. That may seem the right strategy if your ultimate purpose is reaching out to a mass audience. However, creating a strong presence and gaining authority in your niche might make more sense if you are a new company. A crypto marketing agency can help you with this by getting your brand story published on leading crypto publications with a large number of consistent readers. 

Digital Nod has helped several new blockchain companies find their desired publicity by getting them featured on top crypto media outlets, such as Bitcoinist, NewsBTC, and ZyCrypto.  

Business Growth and Real-time Users 

The outcome of every digital PR campaign should be a significant increase in the traffic to the business’ official website and social media pages. Why? Because that is where the general audience coming from different sources turns into organic customers.  

A good percentage of the audience reading about your crypto project on reputed media sources will visit your official website or social media handles to learn more about your product. This, in turn, will bring you potential business. After all, social media traffic is the most productive tool for crypto marketing, far more efficient than traditional ad posting techniques.  

Product Education 

One should always look at the industry from the perspective of both customers and investors. Your target audience needs to be familiar with your crypto brand and the technology you use for blockchain. This is where crypto PR services can help in educating customers.  

Customer education is essential for any new technology to succeed in the marketplace. Crypto PR professionals at Digital Nod create newsworthy content about your product and publish them on the right blockchain channels to help users understand your offerings better.  

Crypto PR: A Case Study 

The following is a case study that shows how we helped MetaMall, one of our crypto clients, boost their brand image and multiply their revenues by helping them find guaranteed press coverage on the leading crypto media publications. 

MetaMall is a virtual mall inside the metaverse where the world’s biggest technologies (DeFi, VR, and NFTs) connect. The project was launched in 2021 when the craze for metaverse was already at its peak. 

The project faced the same challenge that every new blockchain company faces: reaching out to a larger audience and educating people about their brand-new technology. This is where Digital Nod came in. Our team of NFT marketing experts helped MetaMall to gain the publicity they deserved. Our PR strategy aimed to familiarize the cryptocurrency and metaverse industry with MetaMall’s offerings. We helped them get their ideas and achievements featured in the following leading crypto publications: 

Results were obvious shortly after executing this strategy. Serge Gianchandani and Sahan Ray, co-founders of MetaMall, were able to raise an investment of $5.6 million in funding gathered from seeding and initial coin offerings. The investors included seasoned venture capitalists such as MarsVC, BullPerks, HVS Ventures, etc. In addition, MetaMall experienced a significant increase in the traffic to their official website, which led to remarkable project growth. In a nutshell, MetaMall owes its digital publicity to its crypto PR partner, Digital Nod. 

The Way Forward!  

As a pioneer in the crypto PR industry, Digital Nod maintains strong relationships with some of the biggest publishing and media giants in the crypto world. This helps our clients with long-term, organic coverage, maximum audience reach, and new product launches and ICOs. We specialize in educating, building brand identity and credibility, and securing business growth through real-time users for our clients. 

If you are a young crypto entrepreneur or a forward-thinking blockchain enterprise trying to accelerate its growth through transformational PR campaigns, our services at Digital Nod are what you need. Unlike traditional PR agencies, we work directly with publishers, meaning we guarantee 100% assurance in getting our clients published 

We have helped numerous crypto brands with content creation, media coverage, community engagement, and specialized blockchain PR services, and we would love to have you in our growing list of clients. Get started today on your journey towards ultimate crypto fame! 

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