Acing your social media game is crucial for businesses and individuals to stand out from the competition in today’s times. But simply creating social media accounts across several platforms and posting content is not enough. To take your brand to the next level, you must get the blue checkmark on your social media accounts. The blue verification badge is more than just a flex; verified accounts have up to 30% more engagement. And in this blog, we’ll explain how press coverage can help you with social media verification across platforms.

Press Coverage Makes You More Notable

One of the standard eligibility criteria for social media verification is notability. Facebook, for instance, lists notability as one of the essential criteria for verification. Being notable means an account should represent a well-known and searched-for person or brand.

Digital PR can make you or your company notable. Getting featured in Forbes or other top-tier publications piques the readers’ interest in your brand. They would start learning more about your business and research it. This will make you and your company notable and searched-for, simplifying the process of social media verification.

Press Coverage Boosts Your Credibility

Credibility is another important metric for verification on all popular social media platforms. For instance, TikTok lists authenticity as one of its criteria to get the blue check.

Authenticity means an account should represent a real person, business, or entity. Hence, you will have to prove legitimate and credible if you ever want to get the blue tick.

Online PR can help you stand out as highly credible. Since media coverage strengthens your digital presence, social media platforms will consider you a credible individual.

Suppose a top publication like Business Insider, Forbes, or Entrepreneur publishes an article about you. Such a press feature would automatically boost your credibility. This, in turn, will give you a better chance of approval for the blue check.

Press Coverage Increases Your Followers

On most platforms, social media verification doesn’t depend on your number of followers. Even accounts of public figures having very few followers can get the blue check. For example, Peter Yeung, a journalist, has only around 1,400 followers on Instagram and yet is verified. Likewise, František Holík, a ski jumper from the Czech Republic, has a verified Twitter account with only 112 followers.

However, while numbers have nothing to do with verification directly, they can certainly help present your account as more authentic. Many people try to buy followers to increase engagement on their accounts. But such followers usually don’t show much engagement.

Paid followers are usually bots or inactive accounts. This means they won’t engage with your posts. On the other hand, actual followers will like, comment, and share your posts for increased engagement.

This high engagement is seen as a sign of an authentic account. Press coverage can help attract more followers to your account. Sharing your brand’s story and raising awareness among a broader audience through online PR will drive potential followers interested in your content.

Helps You Get Verified Across Multiple Platforms

Being active on a single social media platform is not enough these days. If you’re a brand or public figure, you’d want to have a strong presence across multiple platforms, including InstagramTwitterTikTokFacebook, etc. Hence, you would also need social media verification across all these platforms. One of the most significant benefits of leveraging press coverage is that it can enable you to get the blue check across multiple platforms.

The starting steps are the hardest when attempting to get verified on social media. You can simplify this with digital PR. You can mention your social media handles in your brand’s story featured in famous publications. This will help attract followers, increase engagement, boost notability, and ultimately, get the blue check. If even one of your accounts gets the verification badge, it won’t take long to get verified on the other platforms as well. 

Get the Best Digital PR Services

There is no shortcut to getting verified on social media. But effective public relations can speed up the process considerably. However, strategizing and implementing a proper digital PR strategy is easier said than done. It can be challenging to build an inspiring story and pitch it to the right journalist or publication. And this is where a professional digital PR agency can come to your aid.

As a premier digital PR agency with years of experience and guaranteed results, Digital Nod can help you with publishing your story in any top publication and boosting your chances for social media verification. Connect with our experts today to get the right press coverage solution for you or your brand.

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