One of the major hurdles you will witness when getting your startup off the ground is establishing an initial reputation in the industry. With minimum brand recognition, a handful of customers, and limited resources to bolster your image, you might find it beneficial to rely on the expertise of a proven digital PR agency to generate guaranteed media coverage and exposure for your startup.  

Getting your startup featured in high-ranking international publications can prove to be of great benefit. However, this can’t be attained by simply pitching stories to the media; you need to implement strategic digital PR practices. As a digital PR agency specializing in media placement servicesDigital Nod discloses proven tactics that will help you garner high-impact, guaranteed media coverage for your startup. 

Determine who you want to reach and then get the right message across. 

As a seller, you are aware that your products or services aren’t for everyone. So, your digital PR efforts shouldn’t try to reach everyone. Narrow down your target audience and then utilize targeted media placements to reach them. Saying you want to attract more clients is imprecise and doesn’t give direction. For instance, if you are hoping to get in front of tech companies, your media placement service provider will likely work on securing placement in technology magazines and publications, highlighting how your product solves common tech problems. Focusing your digital PR efforts on communicating specific messages to the audience you want to reach in the news outlets they prefer will give you more impact than getting a generic press article published in a publication that only some of your audience may read.     

Create a lineup of newsworthy stories.  

Every brand, whether big or small, has a story to tell. And telling it the right way is as important as the story itself. Above all else, readers care about inspiring stories—like that of the journey of the startup or the brains behind the business. Another selling point could be how your products or services can improve the life of your targeted audience. One of the best ways to help readers understand your brand story is to convey how it relates to them. They care very little about brand strategies, funding, and investments; so, add a local component to your story. Identify data points specific to individual markets so that the news stories are relevant to smaller and wider audiences. With the help of an experienced online PR agencyyour startup can create newsworthy content that will engage its readers. 

Make the most of your agency’s expertise. 

When you hire a guaranteed media placement agency to secure media coverage for your startup, you also get access to their years’ worth of experience and industry network. Media placement service providers have robust relations with influential news outlets. This helps them get your brand placed on some of the best publications, including USA Today, Forbes, Maxim, Entrepreneur, and more. Your online PR agency can also help write engaging and newsworthy articles and stories that bring out the best parts about your brand. Digital Nod is an agency built on professionalism, a successful network, and credibility; so, you can be rest assured that your articles will get published in your preferred publications in the committed time period.

Choose the right publications to get featured. 

Anyone who has analyzed a media placement report will agree that it’s hard work getting coverage that provides value to your business. So, it’s essential, particularly for startups, to direct that effort where the results will be the highest. For instance, getting a single dedicated feature article in a major publication like USA Today with 150 million+ unique monthly visitors can instantly boost your visibility and credibility. It’s meaningless to get 50 media placements in small publications if none of them reach the right audience with the right message. Focus on getting featured on the handful of publications where you can make the most impact with readers and viewers who are likely to be your customers.  

Make media exposure a priority and take your brand up a notch. 

Some of the top priorities in your to-do list as the owner of a startup should be to increase brand awareness within the industry, get your name out there among potential clients, and garner high-impact media coverage. And these are all targets that can be accomplished by leveraging effective digital PR tactics. An experienced online PR agency can take charge of all these requirements to open the doors to media coverage from high-ranking and authoritative publications so that you, as the agency owner, can focus on other important tasks that require your immediate attention. 

Digital Nod is a reputed digital agency that can build the perfect launchpad for your startup by putting to work a measurable and relevant blueprint for securing guaranteed media coverage in esteemed publications. Get in touch with the Digital Nod team today and make your way into leading international publications. 

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