A global brand is one that has achieved the enviable feat of having its brand’s presence reach across the world and make a global impression. Simply hearing the names of brand giants such as Nike and Disney evokes a feeling of trust and familiarity. Reaching these heights of trustworthiness and dependability is something that every brand hopes for. Due to the reach of their worldwide presence, a global brand already has a relationship with a consumer whether or not they are a customer of the brand. 

These companies serve as a blueprint for how to build a brand and reach global recognition, and each of these blueprints shares a common feature, something that sets them apart from competitors and imitators. That common feature is verification. Every recognized global brand will have the coveted blue tick on their page that signifies not just verification but also that their brand is recognizable and unique. Achieving verification is the fastest way to solidify your brand as trusted and authentic, and here we look at some of the reasons why it is so coveted. 

Join the elite club

 It’s hard not to feel like you are endlessly waiting for an invitation to an exclusive party when you have yet to achieve Instagram verification. Verified accounts have early access to any updates that the platform releases and have the opportunity to become familiar with updates before their official release. Verification gives you the key to the ‘V.I.P’ area of Instagram, where all of the big brands on the platform are getting a sneak peek at new updates and features. It’s worth pursuing verification, considering that it instantly puts you ahead of the curve and keeps your brand’s page up to date on all the latest trends. 

Get in the loop

When you are marketing your brand online, it pays to connect with the community around you. It may seem counterproductive to link up with your competitor, but when you have a follower base in common, you also share a common goal. Some of the most popular verified accounts have found a way to come together to collectively boost their reach on Instagram using a simple technique; the loop giveaway. To run a loop giveaway, brand accounts will come together to offer a prize to their followers. The beauty of the loop giveaway is that users need to follow each page to enter, so each brand gains new followers, and the participants get to discover new pages that match their interests. If you want to find out how to be a part of a loop giveaway, digital agency Digital Nod can help you learn more

Keep growing

Once you have launched your brand online, you will want to go from strength to strength and see your brand achieve swift scalability. It can seem daunting to try and reach the staggeringly high numbers that some well-known brands have on the platform but growing your Instagram following is possible. Being approved for verification is the first step in building your brand’s online presence, and there are resources out that can help you reach your goal numbers. An agency like Digital Nod offers Instagram follower growth packages that can help you achieve organic and authentic reach across social media platforms. Every verified brand on Instagram had to build up its followership and keep it growing to maintain popularity and achieve verification.  

If you are trying to build your brand online and achieve the furthest reach that you can, looking at how big-name brands got to where they did on Instagram gives you the perfect blueprint to follow in their success. Overall the one thing that every global brand on Instagram has in common is the little blue tick that they proudly display on their page. If you want to reach the highest of heights on one of the most popular social media platforms, getting verified is the key. 

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