It’s no secret that simply securing press coverage doesn’t equate to brand success. Stories have to be placed strategically in front of the right audiences. Thought-leadership has changed the way content is consumed. On average, it takes 5-7 impressions for a person to remember a brand. Presenting your brand in the right media can enhance your brand’s recall value and thereby revenues by up to 23%.  

But in this day and age, traditional PR is no longer what it used to be. There’s tough competition, more customers with niche interests to cater to, and multiple means to reach them. The good news? You can give your brand access to a broader reach of publications and increase your odds for impressions through guaranteed media placements.  

While some brands try to navigate this new playing field, many opt to work with media placement agencies. Experienced agencies can get brands and individuals published, verified, and internet famous in a matter of a few weeks. This fast-paced nature of digital media is something traditional PR simply cannot offer. The reason being, traditional PR relies on gaining brand coverage in print media, including newspapers and magazines, and on broadcasting channels like radio and TV. This approach, coupled with covering the crisis, reputation management, brand awareness, and advocacy, makes the process enormously complex and time-consuming.   

Hence, Digital Nod works with brands to help them strengthen their credibility and increase their online recognition among targeted audiences through guaranteed media placements without a time lag. 

Find out how guaranteed media placements can create a difference and benefits brands in different ways.  

1​. Brands receive guaranteed media coverage  

Traditional PR’s primary mission is to create positive relationships between a brand and its consumers. This means sharing press releases and story ideas with traditional media outlets, radio stations, and television in the hope it gets published. The time it takes to get a company’s message out in the press is exceptionally long, which puts your goals at risk. A media placement agency provides the one thing any traditional PR agency cannot – a guarantee of getting featured in the specific media outlets you chose. Additionally, guaranteed media placements tend to be more effective because the story is controlled by you, not the outlet where it’s placed. And since you don’t have to pitch for coverage, modern media placement agencies take the guesswork out of PR. You know exactly where and when your story will be published.

2​. Brands get published online without waiting endlessly 

When brands work with a media placement agency, they do not have to wait for press coverage. Media placement agencies can have your story published in a top-tier publication in about 2-4 weeks, sometimes as short as 3-4 days. When product launches or new service announcements are at stake, brands want to move quickly. And guaranteed media placement ensures that speed is prioritized to meet your timelines.  

3​. Brands can escape costly retainer fees 

Unlike traditional PR, where you pay an agency a retainer fee, companies offering guaranteed media placement services charge for producing the work, whether on a per article or per project basis. This ensures that you make the most of your publicity while keeping your marketing costs under control. With retainer fees, marketing budgets can quickly spiral before you have seen any results, leaving you with sunken expenses to contend with. Guaranteed media placements change the notion of retainer fees, ensuring that brands get the most out of their online publicity budgets.  

4​. Brands develop a robust digital footprint 

Be it Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or Twitter, social media account verification is the ultimate sign of a trusted brand. A service not offered by traditional PR firms; social media account verification improves how your customers perceive your brand. Large brands often have impersonators luring or cheating their customers. You want your audience to know that they have found a legitimate account, and copy-cats or fan accounts aren’t profiting from your image. Guaranteed media placement creates the media coverage needed to get verified. This, in turn, also gives the brands the recognition of being thought-leaders and pioneers in their industry. By providing this as a service, guaranteed media placement companies ensure you meet the verification demands of various social media platforms to qualify for the blue checkmark.

5​. Brands gain access to a wider network of publications 

Media placement agencies understand content needs from a different perspective that journalists or PR specialists may not consider. Hence, brands are moving away from traditional PR and approaching experts who can adapt to digital media’s engaging and hyper-focused world. Giving your brand access to a wider range of publications scales your organization from finite to global swiftly, thereby expanding your reach and optimizing your timing.  


Whether working to secure online exposure, press coverage, or timely placements, brands are aware that traditional PR no longer meets their needs in the digital world. Social media has certainly upended the world we live in, but brands working with guaranteed media placement agencies are not getting lost in the noise. Instead, by having more control over their press, brands cultivate followings that convert, in turn generating demand for their products, services, or presence more than ever before. 

Securing media coverage will always remain in the limelight of branding. But traditional PR is becoming a relic of the past. Today, it is all about gaining a competitive advantage. So, jump on the chance to get noticed by approaching a specialist media placement agency like Digital Nod. 

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