Standing Out in the Cryptoverse

There are over 20,000 crypto projects in existence today. Ensuring your crypto startup stands out in this crowded and fiercely competitive field can be a formidable task. If your aim is to make your cryptocurrency go viral, consulting a top crypto PR agency can prove hugely beneficial.

The number of existing cryptocurrencies more than doubled from 2021 to 2022. Yet, how many of these projects actually succeeded is a different story. One of the main reasons so many crypto projects fail is overlooking the importance of public relations. However, that narrative could change with the assistance of a crypto PR agency.

The right PR strategy could take your project from anonymity to the same level as some of the industry’s giants. After all, even mega projects like Binance, Tether, and Dogecoin have all executed flawless PR plans to succeed.

What Is Digital PR for Crypto?

Digital PR or public relations is a branch of crypto marketing. It’s a strategy intended to build brand awareness and positive public opinion by featuring your project in famous news publications. When it comes to the crypto world, getting mentioned in publications such as Bitcoinist, CoinDesk, or CoinTelegraph could do wonders for your brand’s reputation.  

How Can a Top Crypto PR Agency Help Crypto Brands & Startups?

PR is one of the most essential yet often overlooked aspects of crypto marketing. Partnering with the right crypto PR agency can give your brand several boosts, such as:

Get the Word Out

Crypto PR can address several marketing goals in one fell swoop. One of the reasons so many crypto projects fail is that no one knows about them. The main motive of working with a digital PR agency is to get the word out about your crypto startup. Featured articles in famous fin-tech publications can fetch you the direct attention of millions of target readers.

Educate Your Audience

Another advantage of teaming up with PR and marketing insiders is they can help educate your target audience about your crypto project on top of making them aware of its existence. Crypto is still a relatively new concept. Hence, you’re much more likely to garner interest in your project once your target audience has some basic understanding of its core concepts.

Build Credibility

An online PR agency is also instrumental in building your crypto brand’s credibility. The digital currency industry is plagued with scams, and people are often confused about whom to trust. As cryptocurrency is a financial industry, trust is especially critical here. That’s why articles in renowned publications lend weight and credibility to your brand’s voice.  

Marketing & Advertising

Crypto PR is also a very cost-effective strategy, doubling up as a great advertisement medium. Carefully selected and planned media placements can help you maximize your ROI on PR spends. On top of that, it can help you cut costs on additional digital advertising. In any case, a reader would be much more likely to visit your website from an organic press article than an ad pushed down their throat.

Crisis Management

Another area where digital PR agencies excel is crisis management. In the event of an unexpected situation — such as bad press or negative reviews — your crypto PR partner can help with damage control. A tarnished reputation can be mended with the right strategies. But if not addressed within time, it can prove catastrophic, especially in the financial sector.

When partnering with a crypto and NFT marketing agency, inquire about the crisis mitigation strategies in place. After all, it is better to have one and not need it than the other way around.

Crypto PR — Your Secret to Success

If you want to introduce your crypto project to the world with a bang, a top crypto marketing agency can certainly bolster your chances. It will ensure your crypto startup doesn’t fail due to very few people knowing about it. Moreover, featuring your project in leading publications also increases your odds of making it go viral!

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