In the world of online publicity and branding, securing a Forbes feature can be a game-changer for any brand. It’s your ticket to unparalleled credibility, a broader audience, and the trust and confidence of your target market. Let’s dive into how getting featured in Forbes and similar top-tier publications can work wonders for your brand and 10x its value.

The Power of a Forbes Feature

Unparalleled Credibility

Forbes is synonymous with credibility. When you get featured in Forbes, it instantly boosts your reputation as an industry leader. In fact, a Nielsen survey revealed that 60% of consumers consider media coverage in authoritative publications like Forbes to be highly credible. It’s like receiving a stamp of approval from a respected authority, setting you apart from your competitors.

Wider Audience Reach

Forbes boasts a vast and diverse readership. A study by Forbes found that they reach over 122 million people globally. Thus, securing a Forbes feature puts your brand in front of millions of potential customers, investors, and partners. It’s a golden ticket to connect with a broad, engaged audience, allowing your message to resonate far and wide.

Trust and Confidence

Consumers trust brands they see in Forbes. In fact, according to a survey by Ad Age, over 70% of consumers trust content from a brand after seeing it in Forbes. Therefore, a feature in Forbes instills confidence in your audience. It signals that you are a trusted source of information, products, or services. This trust can lead to increased sales, partnerships, and collaborations.

The Art of Pitching

Pitching your story to journalists is the conventional path to media placements in reputed publications. However, this method doesn’t guarantee a feature in Forbes or other esteemed publications. Journalists and media outlets receive a deluge of pitches daily, making it a daunting task to make yours stand out.

The Guaranteed Route to a Forbes Feature

Securing a guaranteed Forbes feature can be challenging. A mere pitch doesn’t always cut it. However, when you have the digital PR experts at Digital Nod by your side, you can navigate this intricate landscape with relative ease.

Consider these facts:

  • According to the New York Times, 85% of pitches journalists receive are dismissed without a second thought.
  • A study by Muck Rack found that only 6% of journalists say they trust company news releases.

With these statistics in mind, a professional digital PR agency can make a substantial difference. Their expertise and direct connections with Forbes and other leading publications can turn the seemingly impossible into a reality.


Therefore, it’s clear that a Forbes feature can undoubtedly elevate your brand value. It’s a symbol of authority, credibility, and trustworthiness. While conventional pitching methods have their place, partnering with professional digital PR experts can increase your chances of securing a spot in Forbes manifold.

In the fast-paced world of digital PR, securing a coveted Forbes feature is more than just a professional achievement. It’s a status symbol and your opportunity to flex over your competitors. It’s your ticket to solidify your credibility, broaden your reach, and build trust with your audience.

A guaranteed feature in Forbes and similar publications is thus a strategic move that can transform your brand’s fortunes. By leveraging the networks and connections of Digital Nod, you can secure yourself a guaranteed Forbes feature to take your brand to new heights. Contact us today to know more!

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