Every global business starts out as just a seed of an idea. Through careful planning, these seeds grow into industry giants. But it isn’t always about the merit of the idea or the capital behind the creators. No, substantial growth and brand awareness are often due to an effective social media growth strategy. Here is how increasing your followers on Instagram can turn your business into a global brand:

Helps you become a verified brand

The top global brands are all verified accounts. Instagram verification is denoted by the little blue checkmark next to your brand name. It signifies that you are a legitimate and credible business with important things to offer. A boost in your follower base shows that people like your brand and the content you dish out. As experts at consulting individuals and brands on Instagram verification, we always recommend having a larger follower base. It makes your brand look like a larger brand and thereby increases your chances of getting verified.

Increasing your follower base means you can reach out to a broader audience. With more people interacting and transacting with you online, explosive growth is certain. That’s why follower growth is a necessary step to becoming a global brand.

Helps you attract new clients globally

The more you grow your Instagram followers, the more you will likely build a global audience through your follower base. This will quickly turn your Instagram page into a globally recognized brand. A boost in follower growth will further enhance your reach as newer audiences are exposed to your brand and content.

Digital Nod’s Instagram growth packages can help your Instagram page grow 10x faster than it would have otherwise. Growth on Instagram isn’t just about reach. Accumulating new, genuine followers will increase traffic to your page and website. By linking your Instagram page to your website or your online store, you can attract new clients from all over the world.

Brings in more revenue

Leading brands and businesses focus on boosting their Instagram followers to boost brand growth. A brand with a large following on Instagram instantly brings trust and instills confidence in potential customers. It allows shoppers to go ahead and make the purchase via your Instagram account. Successful brands are flooded with direct messages and comments on Instagram about their products. These lead to inquiries and eventually lead to sales.

Our growth plans have proven to be an effective boost for brands across categories – from healthcare to real estate, from consumer products to food & beverages. A brand that manages its Instagram growth effectively has seen positive results.


In conclusion, the growth of your follower base on Instagram is one of the clear pathways to becoming a global brand. This is why leading companies and businesses everywhere are trying to grow their online presence. You can, too, with some help from a reliable and legitimate agency. Digital Nod can not only help you grow followership on Instagram but also help you get verified on multiple social media platforms. From guaranteed media placements to exciting loop giveaways, Digital Nod is the only agency that legitimately provides unmatched digital solutions.

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