Business consultants and coaches worldwide are avidly pursuing the little blue checkmark for their social media accounts. Why? Instagram verification has proven to be the one true pathway to becoming a global brand. Keep reading to find out exactly how Instagram verification helps motivational coaches and business consultants transform their brands into global entities. 

Instagram verification can help you monetize your brand

Leading business coaches and brands are rushing to get verified on Instagram because it is one of the best ways to generate revenue. This can be done in several ways. While your followers are far more likely to trust you and the goods or services you provide, Instagram verification opens several avenues for growth. From lucrative brand collaborations to pushing traffic onto your website or e-commerce portal, Instagram verification is one of the best ways to rake in the dough. 

Instagram Verification Globalizes Your Follower Base

Motivational and business coaches are not just entrepreneurs; they are brands in and of themselves. If you are a motivational or business coach, you need people to associate your name with your brand or business. There is no better way to do this than by globalizing your follower base through Instagram verification.

Your page needs to be considered relevant to a wide audience to attract international followers to your account. Instagram verification does this for you. Instagram’s results pages prioritize results that are useful to searchers. Verified accounts are forwarded to the top of search results, helping you reach a wider audience. Instagram only verifies accounts that it determines are legitimate and produce meaningful content. 

What does this mean for your motivational or business coaching brand? It means that simply getting verified on Instagram will help you reach a global audience and grow your business 10x faster. Digital Nod can help you get verified on Instagram and start attracting international followers today. Remember, worldwide reach is the first step to becoming a globally recognized brand. 

Instagram Verification Makes it Easy to Be Verified on Other Platforms

Let’s be clear on one thing: verification equals credibility. This is true no matter what platform you are on. But if you want to go for the ultimate stamp of digital approval, you need to get verified on all of your social media accounts. Users will scroll through your pages and see that you have a little blue checkmark on multiple platforms. They’ll understand that you are a qualified and trustworthy business coach. The best part? Once you are verified on one platform, it becomes substantially easier to pursue verification on other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Digital Nod can get you started on this process. Not only can they help you get verified on Instagram, but they can also help you pursue Facebook and Twitter verification as well.


Business and motivational coaches everywhere are hustling to get verified on Instagram. It’s the best way to achieve international recognition and become a global brand. Why hold your coaching business back from its full potential? Digital Nod offers verification packages, guaranteed media placements, and even growth packages to help you attract more followers. Seek professional guidance and take your motivational or business coaching business to new heights. 

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