Photography and travel brands are all about creativity. Adventure. Pushing spatial and visual boundaries. So why does it matter whether photographers and travel brands become verified on Instagram? In short, Instagram verification can help your brand grow 5x larger than it is now. Keep reading to learn more about how a little blue checkmark can cause such massive growth for leading photographers and travel brands.

Verification gave them a massive boost to their follower base

To grow your brand, you need more followers. But no matter how glorious your photography skills are, or how thought-provoking your travel diary is, you’ll never attract followers by coincidence. An unverified Instagram account just doesn’t reach enough people. Therefore, as long as your brand remains unverified, your page will always play second fiddle to other verified pages. Verified travel brands and photographers who are verified have a keen advantage. Their content reaches a much wider audience, which is why they can grow their follower base up to 10 times faster than unverified pages. More followers mean more growth and revenue.

Digital Nod can help you attract new, unique followers and grow your brand organically. With custom growth services and verification packages, your photography or travel brand can grow much faster than unverified pages.

Instagram Verification helps establish you as an expert

Instagram is selective about who they verify. Therefore, photography and travel accounts with a little blue checkmark are regarded as trustworthy brands. This means you’ll automatically attract media attention and will be viewed as an authority in your industry. When the world takes you more seriously, that’s when real growth happens, and it all begins with getting verified.

Apart from verification, significant press coverage can also help cement your reputation as an industry expert, whether you’re a photographer or a travel brand. Digital Nod can help you with guaranteed media placements. This kind of attention from top-tier publications will help people understand that you and your brand mean business. 

Instagram Verification Can Get You Verified on Other Platforms

Here is something that a lot of people don’t know about social media verification: getting verified on Instagram makes it easier to get verified on other platforms. Why is this relevant to photography and travel professionals? It expands your reach into different demographics. You can reach people on Facebook that you would never encounter on Instagram and vice versa. Digital Nod offers verification packages for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Expanding your digital domain like this will attract new clients for you and help your brand grow rapidly.


Leading photographers and travel brands are using Instagram verification as a tool to boost their growth and revenue online. With professional guidance and Instagram verification under your belt, massive growth is easily achievable. 

Apart from helping you get verified on Instagram, you need a reliable and trustworthy digital agency to help you grow your business quickly.

Digital Nod can help you with verification packages, growth initiatives, and guaranteed media placements. Even better, the Digital Nod team has a 99% success rate with the projects it takes on. Take your photography or travel page to the next level with Digital Nod.

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