In the dangerous age of ‘Cancel culture,’ unverified negative comments can sink the reputation of a brand rapidly. The internet is crowded with unverified hearsay that can result in creating a false narrative around a brand. This can lead to their message being lost within a tangle of misformation. ORM, which stands for online reputation management, is a service that helps to right any wrongs making it one of the best ways to tackle negative publicity for a brand.

Million of dollars of revenue can be lost if baseless rumors are spread across the web, and the fallout can damage your brand’s reputation. Reliable digital agencies can harness ORM to help with negative content removal.  It protects brands against the snowball effect that unverified information can create. ORM has the power to remove negative news articles and remove negative reviews that can dilute, and in worst-case scenarios, tarnish a brand’s reputation. The scary reality that brands have been living in up until now saw them fear any unsolicited information connected to their name appearing online. ORM now gives brands the ability to tackle negative publicity and delete negative links. As a result, brands can regain control of the narrative, helping them avoid both the loss of reputation and revenue.

The ultimate aim of online reputation management is to help brands create, sustain and build goodwill online. Building a stellar reputation on Google and other major platforms is both necessary and desirable as brands scramble to build their audience online. Brands, businesses, and public figures need ORM so that their side of the story is heard too. Leaving your brand’s reputation vulnerable and unprotected is too dangerous, considering the damage it could sustain. ORM is empowering brands with the ability to guard their precious reputation and the power to remove negative content online. Rather than taking things for granted, it makes sense for brands to invest in ORM and save millions of dollars in reputation damage. ORM is a priceless tool that all brands should seriously consider harnessing to not only negate negative links but also build long-term goodwill online.

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