For businesses aiming to make a mark on Instagram, your Instagram username is like your brand’s nickname – it’s the first thing people see and how they remember you. With over a billion Instagrammers out there, finding the perfect username can feel like a treasure hunt. But worry not, brand builders!

This guide will help you pick a username that’s awesome and fits your brand perfectly. A recent Backlinko study revealed a whopping 2 billion active users on Instagram each month. Finding your desired username can be difficult. It’s like trying to find a hidden gem on a beach overflowing with pebbles – finding your perfect handle can feel like a real challenge.

Distribution of users based on country, Source: DataReportal

Why Your Username Matters

A good username isn’t just about looking cool. Here’s why it’s important:

  • People Remember You: Imagine your username as a catchy jingle. It should be easy to remember so people can find you again after seeing your posts. Let’s say your brand is “Happy Paws Pet Boutique,” selling adorable accessories for furry friends. A username like “HappyPawsShop” or “WaggingTailTreats” would be memorable, reflect your brand (pets, happiness), and be consistent across other platforms (Twitter, Facebook). Over 80% of users are more likely to trust brands with a consistent look across all their social media accounts.
  • Search Power: While not a magic trick, a username with relevant words can help people discover you when they search for things on Instagram. Consider a clothing brand’s username. Including relevant keywords like “thrift” or “clothing” enhances discoverability. Users searching for such terms are more likely to encounter your brand in their Instagram explorations. This increases the chance of them recognizing your business as a relevant source. This is especially helpful for local businesses or brands with specific products.
  • Brand Recognition: Your username is like a mini billboard for your brand. Every post and comment has it attached, so it should instantly remind people of who you are.

Bonus Tip: Tell a Story

Even though it’s short, your username can still hint at what your brand is all about. Maybe it uses words that describe your products or the feeling you want people to have when they see your stuff. For example, A bakery selling handcrafted sourdough bread could use a username like “SourdoughHaven” or “CrustLove.” These usernames are short, memorable, and hint at the brand’s offerings (“sourdough”) and the positive emotions associated with them (“haven,” “love”)

Crafting Your Username Masterpiece

Now, let’s get down to business and create that awesome username:

  • Be Unique: Stand out from the crowd! Avoid usernames like “[YourIndustry]2024” or “[YourName]123.” Think of something cool and catchy that shows what your brand is all about.
  • Easy to Remember: People shouldn’t have to write down their username to spell it later. Keep it short, simple, and easy to say.
  • Future-Proofing: Is your username something you’ll still love in a few years? Pick something that fits your brand now and can grow with it as your brand changes.
  • Match Across Platforms: If possible, try to use the same username on all your social media accounts. This makes things easier for people to find you and builds a stronger brand image. Consistency builds trust, so it’s a good thing to aim for!

Checking for Availability

Once you’ve got your perfect username in mind, it’s time to see if it’s available on Instagram (and other platforms you want to use). Most platforms have a username checker built right in, so give that a try! Tools like “Namechk” or “KnowEm” can also help you check if your username is available on multiple platforms at once.

Username Already Taken? No Sweat!

Sometimes, your dream username might already be snagged by someone else. Don’t panic! Here are some tricks to try:

  • Punctuation Power: A well-placed underscore or hyphen can make a big difference. Try “Eco_Living” or “FitnessGuru” for a little twist.
  • Wordplay Fun: Adding a word at the beginning or end, or using alliteration (words that start with the same sound) can create something catchy. Think “WanderlustingWolf” or “CreativeCanvas.”
  • Numbers: Numbers can work, but only if you use them sparingly. “CoffeeLovers88” might be okay, but “CoffeeLovers2024” is a bit harder to remember.

What to Do if Your Desired Instagram Username is Taken by an Inactive Account

Ever come up with the perfect Instagram username, only to find it’s already snagged by an Inactive Account? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. According to a study by Italian Security Researchers, 29.9% of accounts are inactive on Instagram. Tons of people face this “username purgatory” where their ideal handle is claimed by a dusty, inactive account. But don’t lose hope! Here’s how to deal with this situation:

Finding the perfect Instagram username can be a challenge, as many desirable usernames are already taken. The worst part? Often, the claimed username belongs to an inactive account – a ghost account with no recent posts or activity.

These “ghost accounts” create a big problem for new users. Not only do they block you from claiming your perfect handle, but they can also confuse people searching for you on Instagram.

Imagine someone searching for “[YourName]” and finding a dead account instead of your awesome profile!

Can You Just Message the Account Holder?

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t have a simple way to claim inactive usernames. While they do have rules against “username squatting” (when someone claims a username with the intent to sell it), this mainly protects businesses.

For regular users, there’s no built-in way to claim an inactive username. Reaching out to the account holder directly is also a long shot. Many inactive accounts lack contact information, and even if you manage to find them, there’s no guarantee they’ll be willing to give up the username.

We Got Your Back

Don’t Worry! If you tried everything and you still want the username from the inactive account, Digital Nod can help you. At Digital Nod, we offer the service of claiming an inactive username for you so that you can have the brand name that you wanted, but couldn’t get it just because a ghost account exists of the same name. You can also check other services we offer.


This guide has equipped you with the knowledge and strategies to craft a username masterpiece. Remember to prioritize uniqueness, memorability, and consistency across platforms. If your dream username is unavailable, don’t despair! Get creative with punctuation, and wordplay, or try a slight variation.

For truly stubborn inactive accounts, consider seeking help from a username acquisition service like Digital Nod. With a little effort and these tips in mind, you’ll land the perfect username that perfectly reflects your brand and sets you up for Instagram success.

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