Scoring a coveted feature in Forbes is a major PR win. It instantly elevates your brand credibility, increases sales, positions you as an industry thought leader, and gets your message in front of Forbes’ massive audience of over 150 million monthly readers. Moreover, this recognition can open doors to new partnerships, speaking engagements, and business opportunities. But the work doesn’t stop after the article is published. To maximize the impact of your Forbes feature, you need a strategic plan to extend its reach.

Here’s how you can amplify your Forbes feature:

1. Harness the Power of Social Media:

In today’s digital age, social media wields tremendous influence and reach. With approximately 5.07 billion users globally, each spending an average of 2.5 hours daily, it serves as a powerful marketing tool.

Tips to Maximize Social Media Advantage:

  • You can break down the article into key takeaways for social media posts. Use visuals, quotes, and questions to help increase engagement. 
  • For instance, don’t just announce your feature, ask your audience a thought-provoking question related to the article’s topic.
  • Remember to tag relevant Forbes accounts and the journalist who wrote the Forbes feature to gain a wider readership/viewership.
  • Add your Forbes feature in your social media bio. This can immediately establish yourself or your brand as reliable.

2. Make Use of Your Blog:

  • Another way to increase the awareness of your Forbes feature is to expand its points in a blog post. You can even add original data, case studies, or expert commentary to add further value.
  • Additionally, you can showcase your Forbes feature prominently on your website. You can include a dedicated landing page with the article, social media buttons, and testimonials.

3. Spread the Word:

Don’t be shy to reach out and spread the word. Sometimes tooting your own horn (a little) can do you good. If done correctly, this can exponentially increase the impact of your Forbes feature.

  • You can subtly and smartly integrate excerpts and links to your Forbes feature in your email newsletters. This can increase authenticity in the eyes of your subscribers.
  • Issue a press release announcing your Forbes coverage to ensure wider coverage.
  • You can also encourage your employees to share the article on their social media channels. Additionally, you can provide them with pre-written posts or talking points to make it easy. This also helps in getting organic traffic to your website.
  • Lastly, share your Forbes feature with industry partners, collaborators, and potential clients. This demonstrates your expertise and strengthens relationships.

4. Build on the Momentum:

The buzz around your Forbes feature can be a springboard for further PR success:

  • A Forbes feature can open numerous doors for media outlets. You can use this to gain a wider readership to your Forbes coverage. Additionally, you can reference the article in your pitch and highlight fresh angles or insights.
  • Most importantly, a Forbes feature helps you position yourself as an industry expert. Use this to your advantage and apply to speak at conferences, workshops, or industry events.
  • Furthermore, build on the themes explored in your Forbes article by developing a thought leadership content series. This could include blog posts, webinars, etc. that delve deeper into the topic.

Digital Nod: Your Shortcut to Forbes

Understanding the power of securing a Forbes feature and the strategies to maximize its impact is crucial. Yet, the challenge remains: how can you secure that coveted spot in Forbes? The traditional approach involves pitching stories to journalists and contributors, a laborious and uncertain process.

But if you want a shortcut, then the best way is Digital Nod. At Digital Nod, we understand the power of a Forbes feature. We are a full-service PR agency with a proven track record of helping thousands of clients achieve high-profile guaranteed media coverage, including features in Forbes.

So, don’t let the opportunity to be featured in Forbes pass you by. Contact Digital Nod today and let us propel your brand’s credibility to new heights with a distinguished Forbes feature.

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