In a recent video message, Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri announced the key areas the social media platform will focus on in 2022. According to Mosseri, the company’s priorities for 2022 will include a greater emphasis on transparency, videos, messaging, and creators on the platform. He also highlighted that the photo and video-sharing platform will double down on videos, focus on Reels, and give users more control over their feeds and profiles. 

“We’re going to have to rethink what Instagram is, because the world is changing quickly, and we’re going to have to change with it,” Mosseri said in the video. He added that Instagram will continue consolidating all video formats around Reels and growing that product. Mosseri ensured that the platform will launch more monetization products to support and empower the creators on Instagram to make a living.  

By offering better incentives and opportunities to earn, Instagram aims to encourage creators to leverage the platform’s power and use it to attract their fans and followers. This is perhaps Instagram’s response to TikTok’s Creator Fund that rewards content creators for doing what they do best – making TikTok videos. 

Mosseri also highlighted the importance of direct messaging in his video. “Messaging is the primary way that people connect online at this point, and we believe Instagram can be the best place for people to connect with their friends about their interests. And Instagram must embrace the fact that messaging is that primary form of communication,” the Instagram head said.  

Another key area that remains a priority for Instagram in 2022 is facilitating controls that provide users with more transparency. The first move for this initiative was taken in 2021, with the app adding several user controls. This included features like hiding likes on posts, filtering out sensitive content from the explore page, and limiting interactions from non-followers to restrict abuse and harassing comments. The social networking platform has already announced its plan to give Instagram users more options to customize their feed to promote content that matters to them. 

This is a welcome change, as Instagram was criticized for its algorithmic feeds and how it handled teen safety. Instagram also announced it will add parental controls in March. By introducing these controls and maintaining transparency on how it serves content, Instagram is taking an important step for its users’ welfare. “We think it’s important for people to understand how Instagram works if they’re going to shape it into what they want or what’s best for them,” Mosseri added. 

Meanwhile, Instagram began testing new, longer video uploads up to 60 seconds on stories in early December. First noticed by Matt Navarra, the photo and video-sharing platform notified different groups of people about the change. This is being viewed as a highly-coveted update on the part of Instagram as it aims to compete with Snapchat that also does not allow users to post long videos in a single upload.

Mosseri’s brief announcement gives us a glimpse of Instagram’s plan for 2022. And these new changes will undoubtedly transform the way the social media giant functions. But an important question remains: will these upgrades be enough for the platform to stay afloat amidst stiff competition from other apps like TikTok? 

One thing is for sure, Instagram will need to evolve as per industry trends and user demands to safeguard itself from being left far behind by its competitors. And with these changes announced by Mosseri, the social media giant looks to be headed in the right direction. 

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