It’s time to get excited! Instagram users can now see a prompt to “create your 2022 recap reel” on their profiles. This gives account holders a unique option to create a personalized end-of-year highlight reel. Besides regular users, influencers and creators can leverage this feature to compile a Reel of their most significant moments to share with fans and followers. It also gives them an opportunity to boost year-end engagement and gain new followers.

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New Features

Before 2021, Instagram’s end-of-year recaps were rather rudimentary. Users could post their top nine images in a photo grid — hardly an engaging form of content. Instagram offered a significant upgrade in 2021 with a “Year in Review” feature. This allowed users to select a maximum of ten stories to share with followers.

This year, the platform has advanced its recap feature even further. First, the users can select narration by popular figures such as Bad Bunny, DJ Khaled, Badshah, or Priah Ferguson. Next, they can choose their top photos, posts, and videos, which they can compile into an entire Reel. As Instagram has been transitioning more toward video than still images, it is logical that this end-of-year content focuses on Reels rather than Stories.

Hopping on the Recap Trend

The answer can be found on other social media platforms for those wondering why Instagram has launched such a significant upgrade to this feature. End-of-year recaps are trending. Wrapped, Spotify’s annual year-in-review, is very popular and widely shared across various social networks. This has prompted other companies to launch their own recaps. These include giants like Reddit, YouTube Music, and Apple Music.

A Great Reference Point

Don’t worry if you’re short on time; this feature will be available for several weeks into the new year. And once a user has created their year-in-review, it is safely housed on their profile’s Reels tab. For influencers and creators, this multimedia recap of 2022 can be an invaluable marketing and reference tool.

It is an opportunity to share essential milestones, moments, and good and bad memories. This highly personal content gives creators a chance to honestly “speak” to viewers and connect with their audience.

Lastly, when users create their year-end recaps, they can show others what meant the most to them in 2022. If audiences can truly relate to these moments, the account will have achieved one of the ultimate goals of social media use: a genuine connection.

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