Twitter is the platform du jour to get the word out if you’re a crypto or NFT project. It offers a ready audience and the ability to reach the masses with a few words and one stroke. 

With the rise of ‘Crypto Twitter,’ verification on Twitter has become increasingly desired and important. Whether it is to gain credibility or avoid spam accounts, the blue checkmark is extremely desirable to crypto brands and entrepreneurs. 

It is no surprise then that in this dynamic industry, verification policies aren’t always easy to understand. They also get updated from time to time. Based on our observations, here are some updates the crypto community must be aware of with regard to Twitter verification.

The New Twitter Verification Policies for Crypto or NFT Projects

Here’s what to avoid for crypto Twitter verification:

  1. Ensure that your bio or landing page does not mention the words decentralization, DeFi, DAO, tokens (specific or general), games, GameFi, or any play-to-earn (P2E) content. 
  2. If your Twitter bio includes links to pages requiring sign-in credentials (Discord, Telegram, etc.), delete those immediately. Having such links in your bio violates Twitter’s Quality Policy. Hence, Twitter will automatically decline any verification application sent on your behalf if you have such links. Moreover, they could also possibly remove your badge if you’re already verified. 

Getting That Blue Check Mark for Your Crypto/NFT Project

The coveted blue check mark distinguishes only a handful of Twitter accounts in the blockchain community. Twitter verification means trust and credibility. 

We have helped hundreds of crypto/NFT accounts level up their brand on Twitter. No agency understands Twitter’s policies better than Digital Nod.

So are you ready to level up your Crypto Twitter game?

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