Thanks to the power of the internet and social media platforms like Instagram, today we live in a highly connected world. However, with this newfound technological prowess, we are also witnessing a surge in cybercrimes. In 2020 alone, 49 million Instagram users fell victim to security breaches and cyberattacks online. Thus, it has increasingly become essential to secure your photos, videos, and information posted on Instagram and prevent getting hacked. At Digital Nod, we recommend several steps that you can follow to secure your Instagram account and upgrade your profile’s security.

1. Activate two-factor authentication

With how common cybercrimes are becoming, security features like two-factor authentication prove to be beneficial to users. This feature allows you to enhance your account’s security and protection. Once enabled, it will save your account from potential hackers if they try to log in to your account by guessing the password. Your second line of defense is a time-sensitive code received on your registered mobile number. Setting a strong password is essential, but activating two-factor authentication is the way to go if you want better security for your Instagram account. Here are some of the steps to set it up:

  • Go to your profile and tap on the three-line icon placed on the top right corner
  • Press on “settings” in the bottom right corner
  • Select “security” > two-factor authentication > get started

2. Check login activity

Instagram has created inbuilt security features that enable you to keep an eye on your login activity. The login activity page shows you a list of locations from where you have accessed your Instagram account. You can also check the list of devices that have recently logged into your Instagram account. If there are locations you don’t identify, it’s recommended to log out from all the devices and change your password instantly.

3. Update your contact number and email address

Ensure that the phone number and email address registered on the application are updated and linked to your device. By doing so, you can recover your Instagram account even if the hacker has changed the information available on your profile.

 4. Revoke access to third-party applications

Many third-party applications can be linked to Instagram to access additional functionality. However, it’s easy to lose track of how many applications are connected to your Instagram account. For instance, you may use a third-party app to apply filters on your photos before uploading with the intent to attract more followers. But this, in turn, discloses your information that was restricted to one platform, thereby making your account vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 

5. Check your location settings

Many users on Instagram like to share where they are or what places they are traveling to. The risks of disclosing your location are exceptionally high for those with public accounts. This means that anyone who can view your Instagram posts may be able to find you in person. From a security perspective, this could present a real threat. While business accounts may remain unaffected, it may affect other users – particularly content creators, influencers, public figures, and celebrities who reveal their private lives on the platform.

Securing your Instagram account is extremely crucial, considering the number of users that join and access the platform on a day-to-day basis. Besides implementing the security features laid down by the social media platform, having a verified Instagram account protects your profile from any defamatory information released by unverified accounts pretending to be you.

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