Celebrities and influencers usually have social media handles with a massive online following, especially on Instagram. Building a stellar presence on Instagram is no easy feat. While their fame and popularity do make a difference, there is a secret weapon that has helped them grow 10x faster, and that’s ‘Loop Giveaways.’ An Instagram Loop Giveaway brings brands and influencers/celebrity accounts together. It helps boost followership and engagement for participating accounts with exciting prizes for participants. Here we will look at how Loop Giveaways have helped celebrities and influencers dominate Instagram.

It is one of the quickest ways to grow your audience

One of the biggest reasons for participating in a Loop Giveaway is how quickly it can raise users’ awareness of your brand. A well-chosen set of hashtags can introduce your brand to new followers, but a Loop Giveaway will make them stay. Kylie Jenner is a celebrity who easily built a large Instagram following. By participating in giveaways done with Kylie, many lifestyle brands have seen their follower count skyrocket. From designer clothes to makeup brands, the biggest and more active ones have benefitted from loop giveaways to connect with a massive new audience quickly.

You connect with an audience that is interested

Loop giveaways help you connect with followers interested in your brand, service, or product. Not only will they follow your account, but they are far more likely to stay, interact and engage with your content. Legitimate and trustworthy agencies like Digital Nod can conduct loop giveaways that help you gain genuine followers rather than bots. It’s important for a brand to see some synergy between their target audience and the celebrities participating in the giveaway. Khloe Kardashian had recently hosted an Instagram giveaway where a handful of winners won branded handbags and accessories along with a $50,000 cash prize. The audience she appealed to were those who were interested in high fashion brands. Naturally, establishing a clear connection between your brand and the giveaway is crucial.

Its flexible as per your demands

There are various types of loop giveaways to choose from, depending on your preferences. For example, you can choose to participate in a loop-give away that boosts your follower base by 5000-7000 followers. You can also opt for loop-give aways that yield bigger results. You can strike the perfect balance between choosing an appropriate budget versus the growth that you are expecting to see. Harnessing loop giveaway flexibility to your advantage is a great way to boost your account’s growth.

Using Loop Giveaways to build a follower base has proved successful for many brands and personalities. Leading celebrities and influencers such as Logan Paul have laid the foundation for other brands to follow in their footsteps and reach a coveted high Instagram follower mark. With a strong and successful track record, you know your brand will experience massive growth with the help of loop giveaways. All you need is a reliable agency that can help you get things rolling. Digital Nod can help you to expand your brand’s reach by organizing effective loop giveaways by connecting with leading brands, celebrities, and public figures to give your brand that much needed push.

Ultimately a well-executed Loop Giveaway can help your brand dominate Instagram. Seeking out the assistance of a professional digital agency is highly recommended as a disorganized campaign can bring chaos to your brand’s image. Digital Nod, an agency that offers follower growth packages and carefully curated press placements, can help to evolve your brand’s presence both online and within the mind of consumers. The word is out; Loop Giveaways are soaring in popularity while leading celebrities and influencers are using this “secret weapon” to reap huge rewards.

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