A bad review is every business owner’s nightmare. Consumers almost always read reviews and trust what is posted online. From cosmetic services to mobile phones, it’s rare to make a purchase decision without scrolling through several online reviews. So, fixing fake or negative reviews and taking timely actions when customer concerns are raised is necessary for any business. Agencies specializing in online reputation management understand that fixing reviews is the way to highlight your brand’s positive attributes.

The increased usage of social media and the popularity of review websites means brands and businesses need to be cautious about what customers are talking about them online. With business growth and success comes criticism from disgruntled customers and envious competitors. Negative remarks can have an impact on your sales, reputation, and overall business. Irrespective of your industry, having a positive online presence offers several key advantages. This is why it has become an important part of branding.

Understanding why you need positive reviews will help you enhance your customer experience and create an online footprint. Alternatively, anexpert online reputation management team can help control fake or negative reviews. Agencies like Digital Nod offer to suppress negative search results that can significantly affect your ranking and brand’s image.

Online reviews: Why are they important?

Reviews have become a reliable source of information that customers use to decide what, where, and when to buy. While positive reviews expand the conversation about you, negative or fake reviews have a way of spreading rapidly. Online reviews can do more than build trust. In reality, reviews are considered as the digital equal of a word-of-mouth recommendation. According to research, 95% of customers are likely to share their bad experiences with peers. This is why you must address a negative review instantly with the help of an online reputation management service provider.

Keep reading to discover tips to deal with fake or negative online reviews.

1. Be proactive and respond promptly

If you see a negative review, do not ignore it. And if you notice that the review is fake, still respond. Remember, your customers believe the review is genuine. You show your customers you care about the issue and are willing to fix it by responding to the review. The people who read your reviews are also interested in knowing how you respond to customer dissatisfaction. By addressing a fake or negative review empathetically, you pacify the reviewer and assure existing and potential customers that a similar issue will not take place again.

2. Take charge of your reputation

Unfortunately, there are many ways people can take advantage of your reputation by leaving negative comments on your services. You may encounter a fake profile that writes bad reviews and creates multiple accounts to tarnish your business. Stay on the lookout for possible spammers working for your competitors who want to damage your online presence. You can spot fake reviews by looking for the right signs. A review lacking in details, a review that makes outrageous claims, and an account with a false name and no photo are signs of which you should be wary. Most importantly, when you discover a fake review, contact an ORM agency to investigate the review and try to bury it. When you take charge of your online reputation, your customers will notice.

3. Beef up your search rankings

You might want to shift your focus to SEO to help push negative reviews way below where few people will notice them. You will see a change in Google’s search engine results once you incorporate localized keywords into your content. By bringing up your offerings on the first page, you can remove negative news articles from google searches. Because new content and sites continue to emerge in the SERPs, this ongoing process demands a keen eye. Thus, you’ll need a seasoned online reputation management service agency to perform the necessary research. Besides, keep your social media accounts active and engage with your customers as well. This way, you will establish yourself as a trustworthy company and improve your reputation.

4. Never overlook the power of positive reviews

Research shows it takes 12 positive reviews to combat one negative review. So, if you have 20 reviews with one negative review, customers may overlook it. Positive reviews can suppress negative search results and enhance your reputation. Your business model and marketing strategy play a big part in how you encourage positive reviews. One way is to get in touch with past customers who enjoyed working with your business and ask them to leave a review. This strengthens your credibility and builds consumer trust.

5. Approach an Online Reputation Management expert

An important step to suppress negative search results and fix a fake or negative review is to develop an online reputation management strategy. An effective plan requires an experienced team of experts to supervise and scour your search engine results for susceptibilities and opportunities. An ORM agency can handle this job and help you counter the negative content and improve your online image and reputation. It’s hard building your brand by yourself, so take advantage of an online brand reputation management team.


The digital world can be a whirlwind when establishing yourself online, and sometimes you need a little help along the way to come out on top. By receiving support from an online brand reputation management team, you will be able to beat the odds and build a solid positive brand in front of your customers.

If fake and negative online reviews are hampering your online image, contact Digital Nod to combat them today!

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