Instagram has grown to become one of the most popular social media platforms of all time. While celebrities, brands, and businesses have found a new way to interact with people online, standing out of the crowd is a constant challenge. One of the most effective ways to do so is by getting your account verified. From thousands of applications, only a select few are awarded the blue badge. If you’re interested to understand key factors that can help you get verified on Instagram, you’ve come to the right blog. 

Build your presence on IG

To build your presence on Instagram, you need to post often, create interactive posts and create content that keeps your followers interested and active. While this covers the basics, you need to focus on building your follower base. Gaining more followers is a long and time-consuming process that can take several years. 

 Fortunately, leading digital agencies like Digital Nod can help you with Instagram growth packages and “Loop Give-Aways.” Both of these interesting tools can help you grow 3 times faster and create an organic follower-base instead of fake accounts or bots. 

Build your press coverage

Being featured in the press is important for two main reasons. The first is that it helps your audience understand that you are an expert in your field. The second is that Instagram judges how notable you are based on your features in leading publications.  

 Digital Nod can help you build your press coverage with guaranteed media placements in top publications. Not only will this help you get verified, but it also helps you reach a global audience. 

Get verified faster by consulting a professional

While anyone can apply for verification on Instagram, getting that coveted blue checkmark is not so easy. In fact, only 2% of users who apply for verification directly through Instagram are successful. The process is both time-consuming and challenging. It is recommended that you seek professional guidance from legitimate and reliable digital agencies like Digital Nod. You will be able to get verified much faster while the professionals handle everything. 

 While Instagram continues to change and update its verification guidelines and carefully decides which accounts to verify, you can stay ahead of the curve with the right digital agency in your corner. While the details of verification are complex, paying heed to these basic guidelines can help you get the coveted blue tick. 

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