Regardless of your industry, press features in top news websites are crucial for any public relations strategy. Even in the digital era, media coverage on the top news websites remains one of the most trusted sources of information about an individual or brand.

Hence, we have compiled this list of the top news sites for brands to get featured on. But before that, let’s understand the importance of press coverage.

Why Are Press Features in Top News Websites Important for Brands?

Press features in leading news websites help brands reach their target audience more effectively and build a strong online presence. Moreover, they boost a brand’s credibility, as people view these publications as reliable sources of information.

Since the top news websites have millions of monthly readers, coverage in such publications increases brand awareness. Additionally, press features also provide strong backlinks to a business’s website. This can help improve its SEO and marketing efforts.

Finally, press features help a brand in crisis management. PR forms a crucial part of ORM (online reputation management) because positive press articles about a brand can be used to bury negative articles in search results.

Which Are the Top News Websites for Brand Features?

Now that you know the importance of press features for brands, here are the top 5 news websites to get your brand featured.


Maxim is an online news platform covering multiple niches, such as entertainment, lifestyle, luxury, travel, food, and more. With a readership of over a million, Maxim can get your featured story to a global audience.

Mashable Benelux

Mashable Benelux is one of the editions of the Mashable World dedicated to the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxemburg. The news website covers topics such as tech, science, entertainment, and social good. It receives 245,000 monthly visitors. Since Mashable Benelux caters to a relatively smaller audience, it is easier to get featured on this website. Yet thanks to the parent website Mashable World, a PR feature on Mashable Benelux would also attract a global audience.

Ok! Magazine

Ok! Magazine is all about celebrities, fashion, and entertainment. This news website engages around 4 million readers monthly. It is a go-to option for young pop culture enthusiasts, making it an ideal choice for press features for fashion and lifestyle brands.

GQ South Africa

GQ South Africa is a men’s fashion website covering culture, wealth, and relationship guidance. With some fantastic photographers and writers, GQ South Africa caters to fashionista men not only in South Africa but worldwide. If a brand’s primary target audience is young males, a press feature on this website could prove highly lucrative.

Entrepreneur India

Entrepreneur India is a news website covering business, tech, and startups, with a global readership of around 2.6 million users per month. Through years of dedicated and ethical journalism, Entrepreneur India has become a trusted news outlet in the business world. Media coverage on Entrepreneur India is sure to 10x a brand’s credibility.

If you want to feature your brand’s story on top news websites, first, you must select your desired publications carefully based on your industry and target audience. Next, you need to craft a compelling pitch that’s crisp and to the point. Most journalists won’t even bother reading your email if your pitch doesn’t instantly grab their attention. Your story needs to add tangible value to the publication for them to publish it.

However, there’s an easier route to secure guaranteed media coverage. You can hire a professional digital PR agency like Digital Nod to fast-track your way into the top news websites. With our guaranteed PR services, we can feature your brand’s story in your desired publication in the blink of an eye. Contact us today to learn more about our industry-leading PR solutions and take your brand to the next level!

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