Traditionally, only celebrities and business giants used to be considered “famous.” However, that narrative has changed with the advent of the digital era. Now, anyone can get popular and grow their personal brand online, thanks to digital PR. Whether you’re an influencer, entrepreneur, or artist, PR features on top news websites can help you with personal branding.

Why Are Press Features Important for Individuals?

A PR feature in top-tier news publications can help you in several ways:

  • To develop a personal brand: In the digital era, everyone needs a strong personal brand, whether they’re an entrepreneur, coach, artist, or something else. A robust personal brand demonstrates trust and loyalty and helps an individual connect with audiences. Take the example of Elon Musk. Irrespective of how big a brand Tesla is, Musk is a brand by himself. People know him as more than just the CEO of Tesla. PR features in top-ranking news websites can help you achieve this.
  • To distinguish from competitors: Getting articles on top news websites through digital PR can help you stand out from your competitors. Very few individuals have the privilege of having featured articles in such prestigious publications. Hence, PR features on these websites are undoubtedly a flex over your rivals.
  • To mitigate negative publicity: Negative publicity is something that every individual wants to avoid. Press articles on leading news websites can help you deal with that effectively. By positively influencing public perception through showcasing your personal achievements and good deeds, you can mitigate negative publicity through press coverage.

Which Are the Top News Websites for Individual Press Features?

There are many news websites where you can get featured for building your personal brand. Here’s our pick of the top 5:

Daily Caller

Daily Caller is one of the fastest-growing news publications in the US. Founded in 2010, it has a monthly readership of 20 million unique readers. Daily Caller is co-founded by Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel and publishes worldwide news. The publication covers various topics, including politics, entertainment, business, sports, attire, etc.

Miami New Times

Founded in 1987, Miami New Times has a monthly readership of more than 1 million. The print version also garners over 100,000 readers. While the website primarily covers local news and events, it also features individual media coverage of celebrities and public figures. Besides news, the website also features articles on food & drink, arts & culture, music, career, and other niches.

Haute Living

If you are an influencer looking to strike up deals with luxury brands, Haute Living is the top news website on which you want your PR feature. Haute Living is a leading luxury lifestyle publication network covering everything from private jets to yachts to luxury cars. The Haute Living website also has city-specific verticals that cover news articles and posts on lifestyle, celebrities, travel, fashion, beauty, etc.

Herald Scotland

The Herald is one of the leading news publications in Great Britain. Founded in 1783, it is also among the oldest newspapers worldwide. The printed newspaper and the website reach a combined readership of around 2 million adults in Great Britain. Beyond that, the publication has a worldwide readership as well. Herald Scotland covers news and articles on politics, sports, business, arts, entertainment, travel, real estate, and food & drink.

Radar Online

Radar Online is a leading pop culture, celebrity, and entertainment news website. It was founded in 2003 and has garnered 25 million unique visitors, consuming 140 million page views. Radar Online publishes news stories on reality TV, crime, celebrity, entertainment, politics, and glamour.

Secure Guaranteed Press Coverage on the Top News Websites

Getting featured on these top news websites can get you everything you want from media coverage. But pitching your stories successfully to their editors and journalists can be challenging. This is where a professional digital PR agency like Digital Nod comes in.

We have the right expertise, strategies, and resources to get you a guaranteed PR feature story on a top new website of your choice. Contact us today to kick off your digital PR journey to stardom!

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