In 2022, Twitter verification is no longer a luxury but a must-have for brands, businesses, and public figures. Twitter is the prime hub for modern thought leadership. And getting that lucrative blue tick on Twitter has several significant advantages.

Twitter verification helps a brand or public figure set itself apart from its competitors. In fact, only about 0.1% of Twitter’s 300 million-plus active users are verified on the platform. This proves how rare and lucrative that Twitter blue verified badge is.

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When it comes to getting verified on Twitter, there are a lot of doubts and misconceptions circulating among people. To help clear this confusion, we’ve created this blog. Here, we’ve answered the 7 most-searched questions about Twitter verification. Let’s delve!

1.    Why Is Twitter Verification Important?

The blue Twitter verification badge lets people know that they are following an authentic or genuine account. It is imperative for businesses and public figures to get verified on Twitter to put forward a credible brand image. For instance, a Twitter-savvy customer would feel much more assured about engaging or conducting business with a brand that has the blue verified tick. In a way, it tells people that Twitter has officially vetted the account in question. In fact, research has shown that Twitter verification leads to “healthier, more informed conversations.”

2.    How to Get Verified on Twitter?

Presently, users must meet three criteria to be eligible for verification on Twitter. Firstly, their account must be authentic. For this, they would need to verify their ID, official email address, and website. Secondly, their account must be active. This means that their account should be public, complete, and comply with the Twitter rules. The third and most important criterion for Twitter verification is to be notable. This means that you or your brand needs to be famous and popular and have extensive media coverage. Pro tip: You may enlist help from a digital PR agency to secure guaranteed press coverage.

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Once you fulfill all these three criteria, you may send in a verification application to Twitter. Alternatively, you may also hire a reputed digital agency for a smoother Twitter verification experience.

3.    How Many Followers Do You Need for Twitter Verification?

As per Twitter, your follower count isn’t a factor considered for verification. Technically, you can get verified on Twitter even with zero followers as long as you meet the other necessary criteria. Consider these accounts, for instance, which are verified with less than 20 followers: @zballantyne and @brant. (This data is accurate as of 25/04/2022.)

4.    Can You Get Verified on Twitter without Being Famous?

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You don’t need to be a global superstar with international fame and a cult following for Twitter verification. However, the person or brand that your account represents does need to be ‘notable’ and be of public interest. The easiest way of proving your notability is through press features and media mentions. You can achieve this easily with the help of a digital PR agency, even without being wildly famous.

5.    Can You Pay to Get Verified on Twitter?

Well, the short answer is no. No matter what a scammer or fake agency tells you, it’s not possible to buy Twitter verification directly with money. On the contrary, violating Twitter’s rules may even result in your profile getting banned. So, stay safe and don’t fall for these scams.

However, you can pay for professional help from an agency to make your profile eligible for Twitter verification. What’s more, this route is completely legal and safe!

6.    How Long Does Twitter Verification Take?

Once you submit your application for Twitter verification, you can usually expect an email response within a few days. However, this could take up to a few weeks or even months, depending on the queue at that time. If your verification application gets rejected due to some reason, you can reapply after 30 days. Additionally, if you’re in a hurry, you may consider hiring a social media agency to speed up the process.

7.    Why Should You Hire a Digital Agency for Twitter Verification?

There are many advantages of hiring a reputed digital agency, like Digital Nod, to help with your Twitter verification application.

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Firstly, this lifts the burden off your shoulders. A digital agency would usually take care of the Twitter verification process from start to finish.

Secondly, it increases the chances of your application getting accepted. A professional agency would be able to guide you in the right direction using its experience and expertise. In fact, Digital Nod even provides a 100% guarantee for its Twitter verification service. Either we get your account verified, or we refund your money!

Finally, hiring a digital agency can speed up your application process. Reputed digital agencies usually have extensive networks. They can leverage their connections at Twitter to help you get verified faster than you would on your own.


We hope that this answers most of your questions concerning Twitter verification. If you are considering applying for Twitter verification, Digital Nod is there for you. We are the agency with the highest success rate for Twitter verification service. Moreover, we have helped more than 1000 clients achieve the lucrative blue check on Twitter successfully. So, what’s stopping you from getting that Twitter verified badge beside your name?

If you still have more questions about Twitter verification, you’re just one click away. Contact us today, and we’ll answer all your queries in detail — even if you don’t hire our services!

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