Everyone is eager to get verified on Instagram, and for a good reason. It opens the door to growth and several other perks that only verified accounts receive. Due to its popularity and air of exclusivity, it’s easy to get anxious when you’re trying to get verified. Getting verified is a long and time-consuming process. It has led many to seek out Instagram account verification services from professional digital agencies. Working with a reliable agency gives you the knowledge and experience that only an experienced agency can bring to the table. It can fast-track your journey to success. It’s essential to look at the big picture and do everything you can to bring exposure to your brand. Still, it pays to question your odds of being verified on a leading platform like Instagram.

Building visibility and how it helps your verification odds

One of the most critical factors that help increase your odds of verification is your brand’s visibility online. To be considered worthy of verification, visibility is essential, especially in the press. One of the most effective ways to increase your brand visibility online is through well-placed press articles in leading publications and magazines. This process is commonly known as press media placements. While building your visibility certainly helps, you still only have a medium probability of being verified. 

Focusing on a strong social media presence

Building your brand’s social media presence increases your odds of being verified. If you have active accounts on all of the big-name social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok, you are on the right track. Remember that each of your pages on these platforms needs to share engaging and relevant content regularly. The quickest way to generate engagement is through exciting and original content. Depending on your niche, choose platforms that make sense for your brand. For example, musicians would want to post their songs on Spotify, and other streaming platforms, while also posting their songs on platforms like YouTube. 

While a solid social media presence does help, it will only slightly raise your odds of getting verified on Instagram. 

The importance of building notability and how it helps your odds

 Another critical factor that can improve your odds of getting verified is by building notability. High notability can go a long way in helping you get that coveted blue badge. For example, strengthening your YouTube channel, hosting podcast interviews, and building a solid follower base on all your social media platforms are great ways to build notability. You can’t build notability overnight, but you can strengthen it gradually over time. While it doesn’t guarantee verification, it does improve your odds. Having a Wikipedia page is an excellent example of notability.

All of the above options can improve your odds of reaching verification, but they can’t guarantee it. When you choose to go solo and apply for verification on your own, success is unpredictable. This is why relying on a trustworthy social media agency for Instagram verification has grown. Digital Nod can help get you verified on all major social media platforms with a money-back guarantee.

If you are curious to test your odds of getting verified on Instagram, you can reach out to us. We can guide you on the journey to becoming a notable brand in your niche and build a stellar presence online.

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