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Facebook verification! Everybody’s talking about it, everybody wants it, but you’re probably still wondering why it’s such a big deal. While the world is racing to get verified on Facebook, especially since it makes Instagram verification a lot simpler, you’re probably wondering how to go about it or whether it makes sense for you. If you’re looking for honest, meaningful answers or simply want to know more about Facebook verification, read on!

How does Facebook verification help?

  1. Getting verified on Facebook adds a significant deal of credibility to your brand.
  2. Whether you’re a fashion brand or a model, the blue tick makes your audience take you way more seriously.
  3. Fake accounts and impersonators are a bane in the online community. With a verified account, people will instantly know that they are interacting with the real deal. Your identity online remains safe while doppelgangers are shown the door.
  4. Getting verified on Facebook means that your content reaches more people, and you rank higher in search results too. People can find you more quickly, and this has immense long-term benefits.
  5. Verified accounts reach more people, which means your rate of growth is multiplied many times over. This also means that more people are likely to remain active on your page or interact with your content. All of this translates into a huge growth push.

Navigating Facebook verification is both tedious and time-consuming. Digital Nod can help you get verified on Facebook in no time while you sit back and relax. With a host of growth packages to choose from, you can grow your followers organically.

A stepping-stone to strengthening your digital presence

  1. While getting verified on Facebook has a slew of benefits, its biggest perk is making Instagram verification a breeze. In fact, it is now mandatory to be Facebook verified before getting verified on Instagram.
  2. Facebook verification also unlocks the possibility of verification on other leading social media platforms like Twitter and Snapchat.
  3. Brands and businesses looking to strengthen their digital presence should most certainly begin with Facebook verification. It is the stepping stone to better online visibility.
  4. Digital Nod and its team of experts can help you strengthen your digital presence and provide you with end to end verification services.

Key points to remember before you get verified:

  1. While getting verified on Facebook directly is possible, the chances of success are grossly limited, and you’ll end up waiting for ages. Opting for professional guidance is always a good idea.
  2. When getting verified on Facebook, your visibility in the press and overall digital footprint is considered. If your press is lacking or your digital presence is weak, then getting verified will be tricky.
  3. While you can choose to go solo, seeking guidance from professionals like Digital Nod will make the process much simpler. Digital Nod looks into every aspect of the verification process. Everything is done for you while our team works tirelessly to ensure that you get verified in the very first go.


All leading businesses, brands and influencers are focusing on Facebook verification before kicking things off. Digital Nod has worked with numerous top fortune 500 companies, celebrities and public figures to get them verified on facebook. This track record and assurance is why this agency is the only legitimate, trustworthy source for this service. Its primary focus is to help you bask in the limelight while we help you harness the full potential of social media. With the right services that can make any brand or individual famous online – whether it is verification services, growth packages, guaranteed media placements and more – Digital Nod has established its name as the preferred solution provider for any brand that wants to become famous.

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