Health and fitness is an industry that never goes out of style. There will always be people looking to improve their lives through fitness and leading a healthier lifestyle. Why, then, are health coaches and fitness brands rushing to get verified on Instagram? Instagram verification offers a host of advantages. To understand why leading fitness brands and health coaches are focusing on Instagram verification, read this blog.

Instagram Verification will help your brand become trustworthy

Leading fitness brands and health coaches harness Instagram verification to help them grow their audience, advertise their services, and, most importantly, build credibility for their brand with a global audience.

What do all of the most influential fitness brands have in common? They are trustworthy, denoted by the blue verified badge on their Instagram. Instagram verification is a selective process. Seeing that little blue checkmark on your page means that your health brand has something legitimate and unique to offer. Therefore Instagram verification solidifies your brand as a trustworthy name in the health and fitness industry. Additionally, being verified can grow your revenue 6 times via partnerships and collaborations.

Instagram Verification Helps Attract New Clients

Leading fitness brands and health coaches understand the importance of a strong presence online. One of the best ways to do so is by getting verified on Instagram. They harness Instagram verification to build trust and faith with their audience online. People are far more likely to pay and interact with a verified fitness brand or health coach.

We have had many health coaches approach us to get verified on Instagram. Our clients have vouched for the impact they have witnessed first hand after getting verified. One of the most common benefits they’ve seen is how much easier it got to close business. The one rule on closing business online is More trust = more business.

Instagram Verification helps your brand compete and win

Let’s face it; there are tons of fitness brands that people can choose from. What makes one brand stand out from the rest? When potential new clients see that little blue checkmark, they will know they are dealing with a true professional/professionals. People want to entrust their health to the hands of a trustable health coach. In the same way, people want to buy from health/fitness brands that are trustable. Therefore, they are more likely to trust verified fitness brands or health coaches over those who aren’t verified.

Getting verified on Instagram will make verification on other platforms much easier. This will increase your visibility and credibility on multiple media platforms. If you’re verified on Instagram, then getting verified on Twitter or Facebook becomes a walk in the park.


Leading health coaches and fitness brands are getting verified on Instagram and growing 10x fasters than those that aren’t. But you can’t do that if you do not maximize your outreach and authority on social media. That is why becoming verified on Instagram is crucial for health coaches, fitness brands, or anyone operating in this competitive industry.

This is where Digital Nod comes in. Digital Nod can help you with Instagram verification as well as other social media platforms. We also offer a host of services to help grow your brand, including guaranteed media placements, growth packages, loop-give aways, and more. Building your presence online can be a challenge. With Digital Nod in your corner, unleash the full potential of your social media accounts and take your fitness brand or health coaching business to new heights.

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