The digital migration for brands has been cemented more than ever by the pandemic. As brands scramble to establish an online presence, many more brands are lost within the masses. Creating an Instagram account is easy, but growing your brand and follower base can take months or years.

Leading brands and businesses are getting verified on Instagram to take their growth to the next level. The coveted blue checkmark is a badge of honor for brands on Instagram. It unlocks a sea of opportunities for your business and helps you scale up to 10x faster than unverified brands. To understand why Instagram verification is sought after by brands and businesses, read this blog.

Helps build trust and boosts growth

Instagram verification is like a brand’s identity card on Instagram. Since creating accounts is easy, it is also easy for fake accounts to claim to belong to your brand. The badge of legitimacy identifies you as the real deal. Moreover, you get traction on your page as you appear on top searches when customers search your brand name. It not only offers your brand protection but also helps grow your brand awareness and visibility.

With a verified account, you also get to enjoy accelerated growth; verified accounts grow up to 10x faster than others, as well as more engagement with the massive audience on Instagram. This will definitely help put your brand ahead of your competition.

Become part of the elite verified few

Instagram is perhaps the main social media platforms that use today. It has even passed Facebook, which was dominating for a long time. As such, the blue tick makes a world of difference for your account and contributes largely to your success in the digital space.

Verification is one of the best ways to elevate your business and stand out from the rest. It builds trust with your audience, especially in a saturated space like Instagram. Only 1% of Instagram accounts are verified, and you should join the fast movers to secure your business’s space in the digital world.

Does verification translate into significant sales?

Ultimately, the goal of any brand, online or not, is to grow and make sales. Digitization has changed how businesses transact forever; customers are also more aware of their purchase decisions. With a verified business account on Instagram, it’s almost as if your brand name is ‘Expert in my industry.’ More people are inclined to purchase from verified brands than unverified ones.

If your account is not verified yet, it is recommended that you seek verification to boost your brand and unlock the full potential of your Instagram account. To achieve this, enlist the services of a renowned digital agency that can walk you through every part of establishing a strong online presence, from getting verified to boosting follower growth and translating these efforts into an improvement in sales.

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