Running a business takes grit and determination. Most entrepreneurs keep an eye out for innovative ways to get ahead of the curve. That is why leading entrepreneurs and businesses are using Instagram verification to their advantage. Achieving that blue checkmark on Instagram can do wonders for your business. Here is why leading brands are focussing on getting Instagram verification:

Instagram Verification Can Bring You New Customers

It doesn’t matter whether you run a small start-up or a booming business. Attracting new customers is the key to success, and that is where Instagram verification comes in. Gone are the days of plastering business fliers on telephone poles. 

A verified badge on Instagram says that your brand is trustworthy. It adds a lot of credibility to your name, and this helps separate your brand from your competitors. Online buyers will always prefer to buy from a verified business over an unverified one. This is the reason why successful brands have focussed on getting the blue verified badge on Instagram to boost their credibility. Because of the clear benefits of this badge, there is a huge demand for it. Before you decide to go ahead, it is important that you choose the right agency with the right access to get you the badge. 

Instagram Verification Expands Your Reach Into New Markets

Getting verified on Instagram is one of the fastest ways to become a globally recognized brand. Not only will your account attract followers from around the world, but your brand will be recognized as legitimate and trustworthy by global blogs and reputed news sites. It is important you consult the right agency to know more about the process of getting verified. As one of the most trusted agency partners, we always recommend building notability before getting verified. We help our clients build notability by featuring them in articles published in well-known publications. These articles help the brand attract eyeballs and thereby expand their brand awareness in new markets. 

Digital Nod can guarantee you media placements in leading news sites and magazines. Getting this kind of exposure expands your reach and recognition across the world and thereby helps expand your brand to newer territories and audiences. 

Instagram Verification helps your brand become exclusive

Only 2.6% of accounts are verified on Instagram. This shows how getting the blue badge can help your brand enter an exclusive club of verified brands across the globe.

Many struggling brands that lack notability want to get verified. If your brand has the verified badge, it instantly becomes more credible to an online customer. Today, customers are brand conscious. They want to purchase from a brand that is trending and in demand. A verified badge helps your brand appeal to this audience. This is a unique attribute in categories where brand image is very important such as luxury products. The verified badge makes these brands appear exclusive and thereby enhance their appeal. 


Entrepreneurs, businesses, and brands worldwide are all jumping at the chance to get their accounts verified on Instagram. It’s the best way to grow your client base, your market reach, and even your revenue! Digital Nod can help you with verification on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter. On top of that, the team at Digital Nod offers guaranteed media placements and growth packages to help you leverage social media to boost your business’s growth. Get verified today and let Digital Nod help you use verification as a gateway to massive business growth.

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