Instagram verification is just for celebrities and movie stars, right? Wrong! Anybody notable can get verified. Several leading doctors and medical brands are getting verified since the blue tick on Instagram has exponentially boosted their credibility. It has also helped them differentiate themselves from other experts and become a well-known name in their field. Keep reading to find out why even doctors and medical brands are getting verified on Instagram.

It strengthens your reputation

Think of the people in your life who you absolutely need to trust. Your family, your close friends, and yes, your doctor. Most people do their homework before selecting their doctor. They want to make sure the person they will be trusting with their health has a solid reputation. Nothing reinforces your track record more than being verified on Instagram. A verified account shows that you are the real deal. If you’ve worked hard to build your brand in the medical field, you don’t want people turning away because they aren’t sure if you are a legitimate healthcare expert. Instagram verification had proven to help surgeons, healthcare practitioners, medical experts, and even brands in this field.

The first step to building your online reputation is getting verified on Instagram. With something so crucial for your brand, it is important you trust someone who is an expert in this field and has a track record of successfully delivering this solution. Digital Nod’s Instagram Verification packages can help you get verified in an easy and proven way.

Instagram Verification Can Bring You New Patients

Yes, really! Instagram verification isn’t just about building your online following. It can bring your medical practice to new patients in real life, too. If your Instagram account is verified, you would be able to reach out to a much broader audience. Building your audience has never been easier. Well-known doctors and medical brands are getting verified on Instagram to grow their business. It is no more a solution that is inaccessible.

It helps you expand your reach

With the way branding influencers decisions, businesses that haven’t worked on becoming credible brands online are doomed for failure. Having an active and engaging brand on Instagram is only meeting the minimum requirement. The trend is towards working on making your brand a well-known and credible one. Leading doctors and medical brands get verified on Instagram to engage, interact, and build bonds with their existing audience while reaching out to more people. This serves as an excellent way to reach out to a broader audience and strengthen your reputation online. After receiving the blue tick on Instagram, they are able to take their brand to the next level and thereby gain an edge over their competition.

Digital Nod can help guide you about the process and the requirements for getting verified on Instagram. Apart from that, we can also talk to you about ways to grow your online following, get more publicity in some of the most respected publications and magazines, and become a well-known and trusted brand.


Leading doctors and medical professionals all over the world are choosing to pursue Instagram verification. With medical services becoming increasingly digital amidst the pandemic, Instagram verification is essential if you wish to grow your brand and business online.

Digital Nod has worked with several leading doctors, clinics, and medical brands and helped them grow rapidly. Besides Instagram verification, Digital Nod also offers various services to help clients gain maximum benefit through a strong social media presence. With a solution-oriented approach, Digital Nod can help you take your medical brand or practice as a doctor to the next level.

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