Twitter is undoubtedly the central hub of the global blockchain community. There are several factors that make Twitter the ideal platform for crypto marketing. However, what’s important is understanding why brands need that Twitter blue tick to stand out amongst the crypto crowd.

The Twitter community of crypto experts, pundits, investors, influencers, and general enthusiasts is ever-growing. According to a recent study by CoinDesk, the crypto community on Twitter has various backgrounds and interests. Here are some interesting takeaways from an analysis of 600,000 followers of the platform’s largest digital currency accounts.

  • There are frequent discussions around NFTs and the metaverse in this community.
  • Sports fans within the crypto community have an affinity for Dogecoin.
  • The largest token-specific group on Twitter focuses on Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Web 3.0 news.

However, the burning question is: which accounts are trustworthy among the sea of crypto-centric Twitter accounts today? And it is to answer this question that Twitter verification becomes a must. For instance, leading influencers such as Nic Carter, Anthony Pompliano, and Changpeng Zhao all have verified accounts on Twitter.

3 Reasons Why Twitter Verification Matters for Crypto & NFT Brands

1. It Boosts Your Credibility

It is essential to keep in mind that crypto is a financial industry, after all. When people invest in your project, they entrust their assets to you or your organization. Hence, it’s crucial to assure these clients that they’re putting their money in good hands.

Twitter verification for crypto tells people you are who you claim to be and a credible member of the crypto Twitter community. If a person is struggling to decide whose advice to follow, they would likely look for that blue check mark.

With boosted credibility comes increased viewership, followers, retweets, and more. In short, the Twitter blue check takes you one step closer to becoming viral on the platform.

2. It Prevents Scams/Identity Theft

It is an unfortunate truth that anyone, including bots, can create a Twitter account using any name and profile picture. This means an unscrupulous John Smith can be active on Twitter using the name Elon Musk to dupe and even defraud people.

If the real Elon Musk didn’t have that blue tick, such actions could result in significant problems. Hence, it’s crucial to get verified on Twitter to protect your account and reputation from scams and identity theft. Sadly, such activities run rampant on social media, but you can take steps to protect yourself.

3. It Makes You Part of An Elite Circle

Only the top tiers of crypto and NFT projects have the blue tick on Twitter (think Ethereum, Solana, or BAYC). Hence, verification can promptly elevate your project’s reputation within the community. It will also bolster your crypto Twitter marketing efforts significantly to have that lucrative blue badge.

When others see that your account is verified, it will attract their attention and trust. This, in turn, will put you in higher circles and position you as an authority in your industry. And you certainly want to be in this upper echelon in any financial industry.

How Do Crypto & NFT Projects Get Verified on Twitter?

Twitter has a certain set of criteria that you must fulfill to be eligible for verification. However, it is a lengthy and time-consuming process if you set out to do so on your own. Moreover, there’s no guarantee of achieving your goal either. Only a very small percentage of verification applications actually get approved by Twitter. And that number is even lesser for the blockchain community.

As per Twitter, your account must be authentic, active, and notable. The key word here is notable since the two other criteria are relatively easier to fulfill. Being a notable brand or public figure means having enough credible press about you on the internet. And this is where our guaranteed Twitter verification service can help you.

The Digital Nod Solution

Digital Nod is the pioneer of Twitter verification support in the industry. And our numbers speak for us. In the last year alone, we’ve helped hundreds of crypto brands, influencers, and entrepreneurs get the blue tick on Twitter. When you submit your verification application through our special access, you have a 100% guarantee of getting the blue check. If you don’t get it, we’ll refund your money — no questions asked.

Like many other industries, blockchain, too, is a mix of what you know and who you know. Once you know the right people, the future suddenly looks brighter.

Contact Digital Nod today to take your first step towards getting that iconic Twitter blue tick.

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