Social media has transformed how we express ourselves online; your social media presence is the new reflection in the mirror; it shows the world what you want them to see. But every audience is aware that social media can create a rose-tinted smokescreen; it’s almost impossible to verify that what you see online is real. This is why the blue tick of verification is so coveted and sought after in the world of marketing and beyond and why so many brands choose to pursue an Instagram verification badge. When a page can present its verification status by proudly displaying the blue verification badge on Instagram or Facebook, it instantly earns them trust online. Here we look at the reasons why the world is clamoring to obtain that coveted blue tick and why they are reaching out to trusted digital agencies to avail of their Instagram account verification service.

Giving your brand authenticity

If you want to connect with a celebrity or a big-name brand online, you are very unlikely to spend any time on an unverified page claiming to represent them. These unverified pages zoom by as you scroll on, looking for the all-important blue tick that signifies that you have found the real deal. Every notable celebrity or brand that exists online has been verified, so if you too can show off your blue tick of verification, then you will be joining an elite group. Verification helps build trust and brand authenticity in the eyes of your customers. 

Another excellent way to build your brand’s credibility is through strategic media placements in leading publications. Digital Nod can help you get featured in top publications and reach an audience that values what you have to offer.

10 x more reach and audience engagement

The concern that entities online may not be what they claim to be affects how users connect and engage with social media accounts. If a user is unsure of the trustworthiness of a page, then they are not going to actively engage with them. The content you create will reach a much wider audience if your account is verified. It also helps boost your visibility and will help you build a wide global follower base. Naturally, with a much bigger audience at your doorstep, engagement will skyrocket too. 

With a genuine agency like Digital Nod in your corner, you have a variety of tools at your disposal, such as Instagram growth packages and Loop-Give Aways to take your business to the next level.

Leverage e-commerce

The days of Instagram being just a photo-sharing platform are long behind us; the site now exists as its own universe that provides users with what they need with just a few clicks. Registered businesses with products and services can make their page shoppable so that integrated ad posts can both advertise products and sell them. As a verified page, you can organically introduce this feature, knowing that your audience trusts in your verified status enough to shop with you through social media. From hyperlinking your website or e-commerce portal to driving traffic to your website, being shoppable is an excellent way to boost revenue and convert new customers.

Befriend the algorithm

We spend a lot of our time online, searching, searching for a service, a product, information, and everything else that you can fit inside a Google search bar. Without being verified, a potential follower could have missed out on discovering your brand countless times. The Instagram search algorithm is ready to escort you to the top of the queue of brands looking for attention, but if you’re not verified, then you’re not even in the race. 

Understanding and leveraging Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm is no simple task. You need a professional agency like Digital Nod to help, guide, and strategize your every move. With nuanced guidance comes stupendous growth.

The world of social media is as vast as the world itself, bustling with brands, personalities, and influencers all clamoring for attention. Finding a way to be seen and stand out among the crowd will always be a concern for any business, and the chance to get Instagram verification by using a professional Instagram verification service has become the easiest way to join the elite online. As the reach and power of social media grow, so does the importance of fully taking advantage of everything it can offer your brand.

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