Twitter—the world’s go-to microblogging platform—has a quick one-to-many interaction model. This makes Twitter the best social media platform for businesses to reach out to a large audience. This is even truer for businesses of the internet era, making crypto Twitter marketing a go-to tool for crypto and NFT-based projects.

According to data compiled by Pew Research Center, 60% of America’s crypto investors are aged between 18 and 29 years. To target such a young audience, marketing your crypto project on a platform where they spend most of their time, i.e., Twitter, can be hugely effective.

Before we delve deeper into the need and importance of crypto Twitter marketing, let’s take a brief look at the origin and evolution of Twitter.

The Twitter Story

It might surprise you that Twitter, which now attracts 217 million active users daily, had quite a humble start. It all began with Jack Dorsey’s idea of creating an SMS-based communications platform for a podcast company, Odeo. But soon enough, it became a stand-alone social networking site and continued to surge in popularity.

The creators launched the platform—then known as twttr—on March 21, 2006. Jack Dorsey, co-founder and former CEO, posted his first tweet the following day: just setting up my twttr. At that time, it was used only by the employees at Odeo. The creators later opened the platform to the public in July 2006.

It was the perfect time to launch a microblogging platform. The internet was shifting to Web 2.0, and Facebook had just started catching public attention. However, the first breakthrough for Twitter came in March 2007—the number of daily tweets jumped from 20,000 to 60,000.

Twitter is far past its early days. Now, it’s ranked amongst the five most-visited social websites worldwide. Over 500 million tweets are shared across the world every day.

Twitter and the Crypto Community

Twitter has become the go-to social media platform for the crypto and NFT communities. In fact, everything about the platform perfectly suits the user needs in the crypto space.

The 280-character limit allows crypto influencers and NFT brands to make concise announcements. These messages can rapidly then circulate among millions in the community. The hashtag feature of Twitter also helps users discover new projects. Twitter’s proficient algorithm further helps creators capture the attention of people interested in the blockchain space.

Consequently, the crypto community on Twitter has grown far more rapidly than on any other social networking platform. Nearly 1 billion tweets have been shared about crypto since 2020, with 299 million of them being tweets made this past year alone.

Hence, Twitter is the #1 platform to stay active and relevant within the crypto and NFT circles. Moreover, Twitter itself has also embraced the wide range of crypto enthusiasts that inhabit its platform. Twitter now allows users to tip creators in Bitcoin, display their NFTs as profile pictures (referred to in the community as PFPs), and link their crypto wallets to Twitter for easier authentication.

Why Use Twitter for Crypto/NFT Marketing?

Crypto Twitter marketing can generate massive attention for your project and cause its popularity to surge. Following are the reasons why promoting your crypto brand on Twitter makes perfect sense:

1.    Exposure

Twitter, being a free and public platform, allows anyone to create an account. Once there, you start interacting with like-minded people instantly. Crypto and NFT Twitter marketing gives you direct access to a massive audience interested in the crypto space.

2.    Virality

Viral content spreads wildfire on Twitter. A single tweet can potentially reach millions of people in just an hour. This gives businesses the much-needed immediacy and promptness needed in a fast-paced industry. In the crypto world, everything changes in the course of days, if not hours!

3.    Cross-Channel Marketing

Twitter’s cross-channel-friendly nature is another excellent marketing feature for crypto or NFT projects. It can integrate seamlessly with other popular social media sites, like Facebook, Reddit, Telegram, etc. This makes it a breeze for brands and influencers to share Twitter announcements on other platforms.

How to Do Crypto Twitter Marketing

Following these steps will help you formulate a compelling and fool-proof crypto Twitter marketing strategy:

1.    Twitter DM Marketing

DM (direct message) marketing on Twitter is one of the most efficient to reach out to your target audience directly. Through Twitter DM marketing, you can take your crypto marketing pitch directly to a potential investor’s inbox. What’s more, you can even reach out to as many as half a million targeted users at the same time!

2.    Twitter Verification

Twitter verification is an essential component of a successful Twitter marketing campaign. It helps you portray a genuine and reliable brand image. Your target audience is also much more likely to trust you if you have the blue Twitter verified badge. In fact, most of the top crypto and NFT projects—like Ethereum and BAYC—have verified profiles on Twitter.

Twitter Verification Services

3.    Influencer Marketing

Another great way to promote your crypto project is by partnering up with crypto influencers. Leverage your industry relations and team up with the best influencers in the crypto and NFT space. This way, you can gain traction by marketing your project to their millions of followers directly.

4.    Giveaways

Giveaways and airdrops, no doubt, are costly and require you to spend a considerable portion of your marketing budget. But the results are equally effective. They can help you boost your brand awareness and maximize engagements by providing an incentive for it. Moreover, it also helps to divert your target audience to your website.

5.    Hashtags

Last but not least is Twitter’s original invention—the hashtag! It is another excellent feature that helps marketers reach a large audience quickly and effectively. Moreover, Twitter hashtags enable you to interact with thousands of users, irrespective of your follower count. Some of the top hashtags in this space include #cryptocurrency, #NFT, and #BTC.

The Way Forward!

When planning a crypto Twitter marketing strategy, it’s essential to keep your project’s nature and goals in mind. An ideal Twitter marketing campaign should therefore highlight what it stands for and how it is beneficial for the industry. And if you feel the need for professional help with crypto Twitter marketing, you can always count on us!

Digital Nod is the most-trusted digital PR agency specializing in crypto and NFT PR. We help crypto and NFT brands strategize the best marketing solutions to achieve their desired publicity from their target audiences. With years of experience and demonstrated results, we are the most-preferred crypto PR destination for hundreds of brands.

Digital Nod brings the world of cryptocurrency marketing right to your plate! So, contact us today to help us devise the perfect strategy to promote your crypto project.

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