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Wanting to establish credibility on Facebook? Aspiring to amplify yours or your brand’s presence on social media?

We understand how important it is to become a credible influencer and have that verification badge next to your name. Just about everyone envies the personalities on Facebook boasting of their verified badge. You have a golden opportunity to obtain the badge you deserve with Digital Nod.

Why choose our service?

Changing your efforts into outcomes

An authentic agency to optimize social media and build momentum

Being a leading social media verification agency, we have had umpteen number of clients from different parts of the world seek our Facebook verification services. Our connect, expertise, and analysis helps us to improve your chance of attaining the verification badge on the basis of your credibility, notability, and reputation.

Success rate

We are a highly successful digital agency with a 99% / 100% success rate in supporting clients who are getting their Instagram accounts verified. We take no shortcuts, and thus, we suggest a 30-day waiting period to build up your visibility and media presence, and attain the verification badge. This, coupled with our team’s contact at Instagram, intensify the possibility of getting verified.

Money-back guarantee

When you work with Digital Nod, we can help you prep your Facebook page for a better possibility of being verified at a service charge. We offer a complete money-back guarantee but have a 99% / 100% success rate with our method. We normally take 30 days to scrutinize your account and apply for verification if it meets the criteria. But if the account is rejected by Facebook due to lack of media presence, relevance, or followers, our service fee is refunded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get my Facebook account verified?

There are various benefits that come along with verification badge. Most importantly, it helps you increase your brand’s value and grow your organic following. When you get your Facebook account verified, you additionally prevent or reduce the chances of impersonation, improve trustworthiness, and gain access to special features. All in all, you showcase your credibility and brand value in the simplest way possible – with the blue tick. 

Does the number of Facebook followers make a difference in the verification process?

While the number of followers need not always be high, however, the accounts with considerable following do tend to clear the verification process easily. What contributes to this is a good online presence and quality content produced on Facebook.

Will there be a change in the follower count after getting verified on Facebook?

The verification badge is a sign that you’re notable, and thus, it enhances your profile on Facebook as compared to the unverified accounts. A verified account helps to gain the attention of not just other Facebook users but also brands present on the platform. This may bring about a change in the follower count.

Will my verification badge on Facebook stay permanently?

If at any given point, your account is found to be offering misleading or false information, the verification badge will be taken down by the social media platform. Hence, to maintain the badge, you must comply with Facebook’s rules and regulations.

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