This is the only guaranteed way to build your brand online without paying expensive retainer fees and waiting for months on end.

Though brands and individuals wish to make news headlines or get featured online, queries like these hold them back:

How long does it take to get featured in top-tier publications?

It shouldn't take more than three weeks to get you featured in top publications if your media partner is capable of getting your article published without actually "pitching" for a story and waiting for the outcome.

Do I pay a lump
sum retainer

Paying retainers for PR is a thing of the past. Enter the world of guaranteed media placements where you choose the publications and pay as you go.

Does the press coverage appear on Google search results?

Yes, authoritative websites appear on top of Google search results, while some also index on Google News. You can choose from a list of publications that appear on Google and other search engines.


What does your brand need to stay in the news?

Publications like Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc., & alike are always on a hunt to feature interviews and insights from top industry leaders to produce informative content for their readers. In turn, recognizing brands and individuals as thought leaders in their space.

Newspapers and magazines are on the lookout for fresh stories. It is important your have a story that will be newsworthy to the online audience.

The right media partner does not wait for editors to pick your story or for new product launches; instead, they provide a reliable solution that helps brand building.


We have helped over 1000+ brands, entrepreneurs, influencers, celebrities, public figures, surgeons, authors, and musicians worldwide get published online.

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Frequently asked questions

Most of the articles stay permanently on the web. However, on rare occasions, certain press coverage may get archived after a few months. Our experience, expertise, and connections in the industry allow us to safeguard the media placements most of the time.  

Depending upon the category of publications, the publishing time for each article varies. Typically, top-tier publications take 2 to 4 weeks, while others take a few hours or 3 to 4 days. Keeping our clients waiting for months at a stretch is something we certainly don’t advocate. 

Yes, online press coverage helps in getting you verified on social media platforms. Your verification application largely depends on the quality of your media exposure or online press. 

Our team of content specialists would be happy to extend their expertise in writing press articles. At the same time, if you’re keen to provide the content, we can get it published if it meets the editorial guidelines. 

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