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Struggling to find the right media placements agency that will help you free up your time so you can focus on scaling your business? Unable to reach the target audience? Wish to get your brand’s message across in front of the intended audience? Want to increase brand awareness but in a short period of time?

Let go of traditional PR agencies charging hefty budgets in exchange for negligible outcomes and partner with us for attaining widespread coverage.

With Digital Nod, you won’t have to wait for countless months to get featured in the press. We pride ourselves on our unique approach that gives quicker results, in other words, result-oriented media placements, without actually “pitching” for a story and waiting for the outcome.

Don’t stress about the lumpsum retainer fees. We charge for our expertise, skills, knowledge, strategies, and an exclusively-crafted effective plan. Our motto remains: deliver results, not excuses. If neither works, we will return your money back. Owing to the sheer volume of media we occupy for our clients, there’s never a time we’re not able to justify the effectiveness of the media placements. The unique approach followed on our part, coupled with a result-oriented process, and transparency in dealing give our clients the best value for the money invested.

We give you a chance to make a choice from among our guaranteed press coverage’s list and communicate your brand story instantaneously – no waiting period involved. After all, gaining the right publicity, exposure, and growth for yourself and the brand at the right time, through the right medium, is of greatest importance. If getting the right publicity at the right time and at the right price is what you are looking for, get in touch and we will make it happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the coverages garnered through media placements appear on Google?

Some coverages do appear on Google, while some don’t. However, we give you list of articles that are guaranteed to appear on Google or Google news prior hand. 

Do you have a subscription service for this?

This category of service functions on an à la carte basis. We let our clients make the choice from list of publications we can offer.  

Do the articles disappear or get deleted after some time?

A majority of the articles stay permanently on the web. However, on rare occasions, certain press coverages do possess the chances of getting archived after a period of three months. Our experience, expertise, and connection in the industry allows us to safeguard the media placements most of the time. 

Do media placements help in getting verified on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok?

Yes, the amount of press coverage you have contributes largely to the chances of getting verified on social media platforms. If you seek verification services, the application for it is dependent on your media exposure, follower count, and authenticity of your profile. From our custom list of publications, you can choose the best medium for improving your press, depending on your profile, category, and the requirements stated by the respective social media platforms.  

Do I have to pay a retainer fee for the press coverages?

No, we facilitate the option of à la carte. From our list of publications, you can choose the platforms where you want your articles to get published. We give a money-back guarantee if we are not able to deliver as per the committed plan.

In how much time do the articles get published?

Depending upon the category of publications, the time for each article to get published varies. Typically, the top-tier publications take 2 to 4 weeks, while others take a few hours or 3 to 4 days. Keeping our clients waiting for months at a stretch is something we certainly don’t advocate.

Do I have to write the articles by myself or can I get them written by the content team at Digital Nod?

We believe in following a flexible approach. Should you need our assistance to churn out the finest pieces of work, our team of content specialists would be happy to extend their expertise at an additional writing fee. At the same time, we also get the readily-available articles published provided by our clients.  

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