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Are you finding ways to recover your hacked Instagram account? Has a cyber attacker laid claim on your Instagram account? Our team of experienced social media experts can help you reclaim ownership with our exclusive hacked Instagram account recovery service.

How do you know your IG Account has been hacked?”

If you are unable to log in to your account or reset your password by putting in a request to Instagram, you may have been a victim of:


Phishing Attack:

Phishing Attack: You clicked an emailed link leading to a fake Instagram login page.


Account Hacking:

Instagram Help Center sent you a direct message claiming that your account violated copyright policy or is at risk of being deleted, and you clicked the link to appeal. Or, a malicious software crossed over from your linked Facebook account.


Takeover Attempt:

An image you saved contained a bug that could access your Instagram messages, contacts, and pictures. Or you collaborated with another brand or an influencer which made your account vulnerable.

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We can reinstate your Instagram account ownership

We are one of the very few established agencies with extensive experience in dealing directly with Instagram. Our team ensures you get the results you are looking for – a recovered Instagram account. Find out why our clients rely on us to retrieve their hacked Instagram accounts:

Frequently asked questions

Our service timeline is 7-10 working days.

You should immediately approach a professional agency with a proven track record of recovering hacked Instagram accounts.

The best way to protect your account from hacking and impersonation is to acquire Instagram verification.

Absolutely. Choose one of our Hacked Account Service packages or contact us directly if you have questions.

To recover your hacked Instagram account, you need to provide your proof of ownership, emails from Instagram, account details – username, contact number, and email address, profile type, and links to other social media accounts.

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