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With over 1 billion Monthly Active Users, Instagram is the platform that can help you grow your brand exponentially.

But wait, there are challenges that most brands face:

Building a follower base

It can take years to build an impressive follower-base on Instagram. Even reaching your first milestone of 10K followers can take up to six months.

Increasing Organic Reach

With regular updates to the algorithms and rollout of new features, maintaining or expanding organic reach on Instagram can be tricky.

Getting Real Followers

The trickiest of all, getting real followers who engage with your page and do not unfollow, is not a cheesecake-walk on Instagram.


Wondering what others do differently to shoot their Instagram follower growth instantly?

Participating in a loop giveaway is the most legit way to increase your IG follower-base from 0 to 10,000 to 100,000. Remember, IG Growth is all about being seen in the Instagram community.

A large follower-base rewards you with a broader organic reach, which in turn, even boosts your Instagram Ads performance. A 10% increase in your follower-base is directly proportional to increasing your organic reach.

Gaining real followers on Instagram can happen in a week. As a go-getter, you don’t have to wait for others to follow you organically. You make things happen faster to grow your Instagram follower-base real fast.

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Frequently asked questions

In an Instagram giveaway, the host/the account holder requests their followers to follow a certain account in exchange for a reward, cash prize, or gifts. The audience then follows the recommended profile for a chance to get the prize. In this case, the host/ the account holder will be you.

Yes. The followers are attained categorically and strategically, via the host’s audience. To grow the follower base, we ensure that the giveaway is hosted and monitored manually and not controlled by software.

The followers we help you attain are real people, not bots (fake accounts). So, they are likely to stay if you engaged and entertain them with great content. You may, however, expect a 10% to 20% drop after a few days of the giveaway.

This service is completely safe. The followers sourced are real people who are interested in your content. Moreover, we ensure that your data stays safe. We avoid tagging you in any of the spammy posts or asking for passwords, since that may jeopardize your Instagram profile.

No, you cannot buy real followers with money directly. If you pay someone to get instant followers, most of those accounts are likely going to be bot accounts that would eventually get banned. To have organic and genuine followers, a proper strategy needs to be put into action.

The best way to get organic followers on Instagram is by hosting loop giveaways. With this, you can grow your followers from 0 to 10,000 to 100,000!

No, we do not need any personal details or passwords. We simply work with your username and contact details to begin the Instagram follower growth service.

No. We consider this as a part of our DFY (done for you) service. Just sign up with us for a fee, and we will manage the rest.

The giveaway period lasts for about 4 to 7 days, and most of the followers are gained during this period.

To get genuine American followers on Instagram, the first step is to make sure that you post content relevant to the American audience. The next step is participating in loop giveaways to boost your follower growth or simply contacting Digital Nod!

Absolutely! Through our Instagram growth service, you will only get genuine and real followers who will stay with you for the long term and not disappear after a week or two!

Instagram growth isn’t a quality that can be quantified, as it varies from person to person. It depends on a lot of factors, such as your business goal, your target audience and demographic, your niche, etc. However, in general, having over 100k followers on Instagram is usually considered a good level of growth.

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