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The coveted blue-tick on Instagram separates the great brands from the rest.

Though getting verified on Instagram is everyone’s secret wish, influencers and brands are often unclear about the Instagram verification process and seek clarity on:

how do I Get
Verified on

You cannot literally buy an Instagram verification badge; on the other hand, if you apply directly from your Instagram profile, the chances of your page getting verified are bleak.

Am I Getting The Right Instagram Verification Service?

If your IG page has decent to massive fan-following, we’re sure you must be getting bombarded by DMs claiming to get you verified in as less as $300. It is important you trust an agency that has credibility and expertise to get you verified.

What does it take to get verified on instagram?

Does it take 24 hours or three weeks? Do I need more followers, better engagement, or press coverage to get verified? While there are no set rules, there are certain factors to look into before you are considered eligible to get verified. It is important to follow the right advice.


Here is what you need to do to get the blue-tick

Being in the news makes you notable, and your notability is one of the parameters Instagram considers while accepting or rejecting your verification request.

A verified Facebook profile strengthens your Instagram verification application and reduces the probability of rejection.

The reputation of the media portal your application is being submitted from also determines the chances of approval or rejection. This is where Digital Nod’s expertise and access will help you succeed.


Digital Nod is a trusted digital agency with the expertise to deliver Instagram verification. We’ve helped over 500 influencers, musicians, athletes, and public figures to claim their blue-tick mark on Instagram. We guarantee the right mix of media placements that go a long way in getting you verified on Instagram.

service packages

Total Brand Awareness Package

Deliverables: i. We will help your brand achieve notability by providing you 12 press articles that talk about your brand and your story.
ii. Each article will be published in well-known online publications which have a very high reader base.
iii. We will apply for verification offering you a 100% verification guarantee and a complete refund if your account(s) isn't /aren't successfully verified.

Avail this incredible package now at the reduced cost of $21000, discounted from $25000!
*Separate prices for brands

Custom Packages

With the Custom Package, we will analyze your profile and customize the package to perfectly fit your brand. We will base the pricing on how many articles you currently have online.

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Why work with digital nod?

Frequently asked questions

Instagram verification is specifically for influencers or personal accounts. It is meant for people with real content, photos, and visibility.  Individuals that are notable or public figures can be verified on Instagram.

Getting verified on Instagram has nothing to do with the number of followers you have. What does matter is your online presence and notability. Being featured in the media with articles on notable publications helps. For example, articles on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Yahoo, and other top-tier publications matter. Having a page on Wikipedia also adds substantial value to your digital presence.

You are entitled to a full refund if your profile is not verified within 90 days. We can also submit your profile again and retry for verification after a 30-day break

-Our team of experts will review your application.
-Before submitting your profile for verification, we do a notability check.

-Once all of these things are in place, we will submit your profile to Instagram.

-Our team will coordinate with our representatives at Instagram and get your profile verified

Yes, we can help create and publish articles on notable publications. These featured articles will help bolster your online presence. It will also help you get verified on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Yes, we guarantee your verification will come through. We share the requirements for Instagram verification and fulfil them when we are processing an order. We have the best success rate for verifications in this market.

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