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Looking to build and protect your repute on Instagram? Wish to leverage the power of Instagram to enhance your expertise, attract new clients, and grow your business? Hoping to perk up your Instagram presence in order to join the league of most followed accounts on the platform?

Digital Nod can help you meet all your verification requirements because the blue tick next to your profile name holds great importance for us. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an entrepreneur, influencer, model, singer, or neither of this, the onus of changing your Instagram game by amplifying your voice, visibility, and influence in the world lies with us. Take a step closer to the goal and invest in our Instagram verification package.

Why choose our service?

Changing your efforts into outcomes

Experience and expertise

Our professional Instagram verification team and social media experts have worked on hundreds of thousands of Instagram profiles in the past, and this has only helped them understand and learn the process better. Their hands-on experience and expertise can be treasured in the form of fast and discreet service with a 99% / 100% success rate.

Money-back guarantee

Ensuring that you are notable in the press, our verification experts will analyze your account, media exposure, and existing follower-base, and then accordingly apply for the process of Instagram verification. Based on the approval result, you’ll be charged for your application. Should your profile get declined by Instagram for not being notable in news, we will pay back our fees charged for verification service.

Success rate

We are a highly successful digital agency with a 99% / 100% success rate in supporting clients who are getting their Instagram accounts verified. We take no shortcuts, and thus, we suggest a 30-day waiting period to build up your visibility and media presence, and attain the verification badge. This, coupled with our team’s contact at Instagram, intensify the possibility of getting verified.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of getting verified on Instagram?

Having a blue badge on Instagram makes an account look exclusive since not everyone can get verified. It adds higher trustworthiness, increases brand awareness, establishes a strong presence on other social platforms, gives access to special features, and showcases content authenticity. 

What difference will the blue badge make on my Instagram following?

While it may feel good to have the blue badge right next to your name, it’ll help you attain and retain more followers, extend credibility, and establish trust instantly and organically, should your content interest them. The verification mark facilitates higher income, as much as 6 times more than unverified accounts. Once the profile visitors turn into followers, the choice of whether they will stay or unfollow solely depends on the relevance, quality, and consistency of your content.

What are the requirements to get verified on Instagram?

Although many people will argue that you only need a certain number of followers to get verified, this might not always be the case. Along with a considerable number of followers, you also need a good media presence and an active and engaging Instagram profile.

Will the Instagram badge be permanent?

In order to maintain the verification badge on Instagram, you must comply with the rules and guidelines stated by the social media platform.

Can I apply for verification directly from the application?

Yes, there is a facility of applying for verification directly from the application, however, the chances of getting through remain extremely low. Digital Nod follows a standard process and time-tested approach that guarantees results.

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